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Pope appeals for Ethiopia: May it be a period of solidarity and mutual assistance-Vatican News

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Pope Francis mentioned the serious humanitarian situation in Ethiopia, the feast day of the Virgin of Our Lady of Cuban Patriarch Kovrey Ed, and the Polish Card Wiszyński, who will be honored as a true blessing, on the occasion of the public meeting with the faithful groups.

(Vatican News Network) Pope Francis made an appeal for the situation in Ethiopia at the end of the lecture on the catechism of the public reception on the morning of September 8. The fighting between the government forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front brought huge disasters to the people. The news of killings, rapes, and humiliation caused the Pope to worry deeply.

The Pope said: “Ethiopia will celebrate the New Year on September 11. I extend my cordial and warm greetings to the Ethiopian people, especially those who are suffering from the current conflict and the resulting serious humanitarian situation. I hope to be brothers at this time. The period of friendship, solidarity and mutual assistance conforms to the common desire for peace.”

The day was the birthday of the Virgin Mary established by the church, and the Pope specifically mentioned the Cuban Patriarch of Our Lady of Covrée. He mentioned the “happy” past when he came to the pilgrimage site of the Virgin Mary when he visited Cuba six years ago. On the day that the Cuban people commemorated their mother, he dedicated “the dreams, hopes and pains of the Cuban people to the Virgin Mary. The Pope’s wish “Today, a Cuban can experience Mary’s tenderness wherever she is. May she lead everyone to Christ, the Savior. “

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The Polish Church will hold a canonization ceremony for Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński on the next Sunday. The Pope mentioned this cardinal in his greetings to the Polish faithful. He quoted the famous historical saying of St. John Paul II, saying: “If there is no faith in you, that faith that has not yielded in the face of imprisonment and pain, and your extraordinary hope and total reliance on the mother of the church. There would be no such Polish pope on the Pontifical Peter.”

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