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Pope: Caring is an expression of the heart-Vatican News

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After returning to the Vatican from the Gemelli Hospital in Rome, the Pope wrote to the President of the Catholic University, Professor Anelli, again expressing his gratitude for the care he received.

(Vatican News Network)The Pope’s letter “warmed the hearts of the entire Catholic University family”. The Pope underwent bowel surgery in Rome’s Gemelli Hospital on July 4 and ended his hospital stay on July 14. After returning to the Vatican, the Pope wrote a letter to Professor Franco Anelli, President of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart: “I am grateful for the care I have experienced, and for the true enthusiasm and care that I see on everyone’s face. The professionalism of all my people expresses gratitude.”

The pope pointed out in the letter that his hospital stay coincided with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the “Catholic University” and mentioned the phrase that accompanies the anniversary, “the century in the future.” In fact, the mission of Sacred Heart University is updated within it, that is, the mission of “caring for people”. “Caring is an inner expression.”

In addition, the Pope pointed out that “indeed, promoting the overall development of culture and people is opening the door to the future”. “I personally feel that in the ward of Gemelli Hospital, there is no time to miss the past. The suffering body of Christ requires a present and focused look on patients of different ages and conditions, and injects hope in times of hardship. And look forward to the future”.

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