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Pope encourages Sisters of Charity: you must be mothers and sisters of the poor-Vatican News

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At the time when the Sisters of Charity held the congregation meeting in Paris, France, Pope Francis greeted the participants with a video message, prayed for them and gave blessings.

(Vatican News Network)In the light of the gospel, I deeply reflect on my mission: This is the theme of the Sisters of Charity held in Paris this time. Pope Francis greeted all participants with a video message on this occasion, urging them to “go out and meet people tirelessly.” The Pope urged the nuns of the Order to “go out and bring the love of Christ to the poor.” With this mission, the nuns of the congregation “go all over the world, not only to care for the poor in large institutions, hospitals, orphanages, and schools, but also to visit the poor, to meet them where they live, and to participate in their humanity. The path of growth, the path that promotes life and spiritual care.”

Next, the Pope invited the Sisters of Charity to examine their vocations. “God entrusts his beloved poor people to you. You are their mothers and sisters. You are mothers, because through your love and your care for all their needs, you let the divine love They gain life and open the door to the beauty of life for them again. You are sisters, because you support them in their situation and accompany them to regain their dignity in the many journeys of life that are accompanied by them.”

To be a nun of the Sisters of Charity, “means being a daughter of God, that is the greatest image of divine love that God himself has witnessed for us.” In this era of “full of many contradictions and all kinds of marginalization”, the nuns of the Sisters of Charity play a historical role as women, that is, “accompany many of our brothers and sisters who have been victims of violence and discrimination.” , To help bear the brunt of “children grow up”, “protect and defend the lives around you with smiles, care and service for the weakest.”

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The Pope encouraged the nuns of the Sisters of Charity to “protect the basic human rights of all people to ensure that everyone leads a decent life.” The nuns must “contribute their efforts to protect our common homeland, pass on faith and Christian values ​​to the younger generations, and teach them to take care of each other.” The Pope finally said: “God calls you to move forward in history, walk hand in hand, to live through all the events of mankind.”

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