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Pope: formation of priests at the heart of evangelization – Vatican News

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Pope: formation of priests at the heart of evangelization – Vatican News

On the morning of November 10, Pope Francis received the trainees who participated in the training course of the Latin American seminarians and teachers. The Pope emphasizes that the motive of a genuine vocation is “to follow God and to build up the kingdom of God”: those who are engaged in the formation of priests are called to carry out the mission of formation “with their lives, not with empty words”.

(Vatican News Network)The Lord invites us to follow in his footsteps and imitate his ways. This was underlined by Pope Francis when he received at the Vatican on the morning of November 10 the participants of the Latin American Seminary and Mentor training course. In his speech, the Pope pointed out the four dimensions of the cultivation of the personality of seminarians, namely, the four aspects of human nature, knowledge, spirituality and pastoral care; The guidelines for the formation of priests, especially the current Church focus on four key points in the formation of priests, namely the cultivation of “uniqueness, integration, community and evangelization”.

In particular, the Pope reflected on the communal aspect of formation, which he said requires a sufficient number of cultivators and seminarians to form a true community. As a result, more effort is usually required to create and consolidate monasteries “across dioceses, provinces and regions,” the Pope said.

The Pope also mentioned the importance of nurturing the human dimension of seminarians, noting that seminarians and future priests, like all Christians, have human needs and vulnerabilities. The formation of priests, the Pope said, requires the recognition and integration of human frailty with the grace of God, leading seminarians on a life journey of “faith and maturity”, following in the footsteps of the incarnate Son of God.

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The Pope went on to stress the importance of the nurturers, who educate seminarians “more by their own example of life than by words”. This, the Pope said, therefore requires a maturity of the personality, and the nurturer must constantly renew his life in order to be like Christ.

As a sign of spiritual and personal maturity, the Pope pointed out that there should be “the ability to listen and the art of dialogue”, which begins with a dialogue with God in prayer. Thus, the Pope reminded the abbots and nurturers present again that their own life form is “the most important factor”, which makes it effective in the mission of serving seminarians and priests.

Finally, the Pope spoke about the role of the rectors, noting that they have a special responsibility to look after all the members of the formation team of the seminary. “The dean must care for each nurturer, maintain an open and sincere dialogue about their life and work,” the Pope said, while helping them overcome the difficulties that sometimes arise in their nurturance work.

At the end of the reception, the Pope expressed his gratitude to all the priests present in charge of the formation of the seminary, praising them for dedicating their lives and work to the future priests who will become their priesthood one of the. The Pope hopes that the members of the training course will unite and, under the leadership of the bishop, will be fishermen and fishermen to cast the net of the gospel to the world.

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