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Pope Francis Calls for Peace and Imitation of Saints in Hungary

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Pope Francis Calls for Peace and Imitation of Saints in Hungary

Pope Francis Encourages Peace and Hospitality Towards Ukrainian Refugees

Pope Francis welcomed a group of pilgrims from Hungary at the Vatican, where he emphasized the importance of imitating the saints and fostering a culture of peace. The Pope expressed his gratitude to the Hungarian people for their hospitality towards Ukrainian refugees who have fled their homes due to the ongoing conflict in their country.

During his visit to Hungary last year, Pope Francis highlighted the significance of peace as a guiding principle for all individuals. He urged people to cultivate a sense of inner peace and forgiveness, which leads to joy and harmony in relationships with others.

The Pope also honored the memory of Hungarian saints, such as Blessed Vilmos Apor and young priest János Brener, who exemplified care and sacrifice in serving others. He encouraged the younger generation to embrace their roots and traditions, as a means of building a strong foundation for a hopeful future.

In his message, Pope Francis stressed the importance of promoting unity, respect, and environmental stewardship in order to create a more compassionate and sustainable society. He called on everyone to engage in dialogue with their elders and ancestors, in order to preserve valuable traditions and values that promote life and peace.

The Pope’s words serve as a reminder of the importance of compassion, hospitality, and solidarity towards those who are in need, and the significance of working towards a more peaceful and inclusive world for all.

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