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Pope Francis embraces refugees and homeless people-Vatican News

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On the evening of September 6, Pope Francis came to the front hall of the Paul VI Hall and had a cordial conversation with hundreds of refugees, including 20 Afghans. These refugees were invited to watch the film documentary “Francis”.

(Vatican News NetworkHundreds of refugees and homeless people watched the documentary “Francis” in the new hall of the Conference of Bishops in the Vatican on the evening of September 6. Among them were two Afghan refugee families who had recently evacuated from Kabul. The screening of the film for them was an event organized by the “May You Be Praised” Foundation and film director Evgeny Afineevsky, who personally addressed the public and brought up the immigration history of his family. His family was originally from Russia, then fled to Israel, and finally settled in the United States.

The screening of the film was carried out in an atmosphere of extreme excitement, because the audience is the epitome of more than 30 national tragedies that have suffered wars, environmental emergencies, and mutilations. After the film, Pope Francis personally greeted the refugees in the front hall of the Paul VI Hall. In an informal atmosphere, the pope greeted everyone and every family cordially. The children present could hardly believe that they were the protagonists in the film just now.

The meeting between the Pope and 20 Afghan refugees was particularly enthusiastic, who had only recently escaped from the chaos at Kabul Airport. As Bruni, the director of the Press Office of the Holy See, stated in an announcement, “The Pope said some kind and comforting words.” Among the 20 Afghan refugees, there are 4 brothers and sisters who came to Italy with the help of the Saint Egidio group.

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The parents of these four siblings are currently trapped in refugee camps in Iran, and now they can only be taken care of by their uncles who moved to a foreign country a few years ago. The oldest of them, Bismillah, witnessed to this news network the importance of feeling the hospitality, listening and understanding of Pope Francis, and his presence that evening aroused new hope in their hearts for the future , How important this is.

After meeting with the refugees, Pope Francis, accompanied by the audience, went outside the Paul VI Hall, and then returned to the St. Mart’s House by car.

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