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Pope Francis: Those who dedicate themselves to the Lord are fearless-Vatican News

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On the opportunity of celebrating the 70th anniversary of the Women’s Secular Congregation of the Immaculate Consecration and 20 years of recognition by the Pontifical, Pope Francis received the members of the Secular Congregation in the Vatican and urged them to immerse themselves in the Lord’s heart. Incorporate into the world.

(Vatican News Network)Please be like yeast, which is too small to be seen, but full of faith: Pope Francis received the members of the Missionary Oblate Cooperators of Immaculate Conception in the Vatican on November 20th. Fan words encouraged them. The Pope described, “The amount of yeast should be as much as the dough to be fermented.” To be a consecrated survivor in the secular assembly means to live out the spirit of the incarnation in the time and space in which we are present.

The Pope stated, “This does not mean escaping into a fantasy world, but just sharing the situation of ordinary people, as well as the work, family and neighbor relations in daily life, etc., just like Jesus. All this is the light of faith and the warmth of love. Inspired by the vision of Hewangde.” Sanctify mundane affairs in Christ, live the same life as others, and live among people, especially in conjunction with God, so as to sanctify plans and actions. This is exactly the call received by the female secular society of the Immaculate Consecration. The Pope pointed out that they used Jesus’ hidden life as a model, because even if Jesus was engaged in daily activities without being known, his activities still have sacred significance. The invitation to live the worldly life bravely and kindly came from it.

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Eugenio di Mazenod, the founder of the Consecration, urged his fellow brothers to “be sanctified in the name of God.” From this, the pope made three suggestions to the members of the women’s secular society of this congregation. The first attitude suggested by the Pope is to “stand by at any time” (see: Luke 12:35), to be fully involved in the present, away from applause and achievement, and to be completely dedicated to God and establish a relationship with Him. “Prayer can replenish life: just as you can’t live without breathing, you can’t be a Christian without praying, let alone a consecrated person.”

The second attitude is to be a man dedicated to God. This means fully dedicating to God without reservation, just like Jesus did, “giving life on the cross”, showing that “life is love, and it requires people to love.” This is not a comfortable and easy path, but it can bring “peace and joy.” The third attitude suggested by the Pope is to have the faith of the Virgin Mary in God. The Pope encouraged the members of the Secular Society to follow the example of the Virgin Mary, listen to and do the will of God, “so that his oracles may take the flesh within us.”

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