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Pope sends letter to participants of Mediterranean Dialogue – Vatican News Vatican

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In a letter to the participants of the Mediterranean Dialogue Conference, the Pope called on them to find common solutions to the problem of population movements. “The ongoing war in Ukraine represents the globalization of the problem”.

(Vatican News Network)The Eighth Mediterranean Dialogue Conference was held in Rome from December 1st to 3rd. On this occasion, the Pope wrote to the participants that the failure to find a common solution for the movement of people will continue to result in an unacceptable loss of human life, which, however, is almost always avoidable, especially in the Mediterranean region.

The conference, which included political-institutional representatives and analysts, as well as social, economic and media representatives, gathered to discuss some issues concerning the Mediterranean Sea and how to improve cooperation within the region.

The need to find a solution that benefits all is the only way forward, the Pope said, because “migration is vital for the well-being of the Mediterranean and cannot be stopped”. The Pope reiterated that “no one is saved alone”, as the coronavirus pandemic has proved. Therefore, those “interrelated issues require everyone to conduct research together from a coordinated and as broad a perspective as possible.”

Today, the civilian and military sacrifices brought about by the Russo-Ukraine war, as well as the immeasurable losses of the energy, financial, humanitarian and food crises, represent the globalization of the problem. And the food crisis extends even to the poorest countries, such as those in North Africa. “80% of the wheat in these countries comes from Ukraine or Russia”.

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The Pope explained that the globalization of crises makes us understand that this situation should be dealt with from a global perspective, and that a single crisis cannot be resolved without taking into account other crises. This will lower the value of people due to economic interests and trample on human rights.” The Pope urged the participants that the Mediterranean region must recover the “mission of progress, development and culture” that seems to have been lost recently.

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