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Pope’s public interview: Saint Joseph silently guards everyone-Vatican News

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Pope Francis continued to reflect on the image of Saint Joseph the Great in the public reception on Wednesday: he is the pure companion of the Virgin and a praying person: he constantly guards the church and sets an example of mutual care.

(Vatican News Network)Pope Francis continued his lecture on the Catechism of Saint Joseph the Great in a public reception on Wednesday, November 24th. The theme of the day is the role of Saint Joseph the Great in the history of salvation. The Pope took this opportunity to tell what is really important in the eyes of God and urge each of us to take care of each other, just as Saint Joseph the Great did to Jesus and the Virgin Mary.

According to the Gospel records, Jesus was called “the son of Joseph and the son of a carpenter” (cf. Luke 3:23, 4:22; John 1:45, 642; Mt 13:55; Gu 6:3). The Pope pointed out that the two sacred histories, Matthew and Luke, both told about Jesus’ childhood and his genealogy; when they talked about Joseph, “they did not call him the biological father of Jesus, but in any case they respected him as Jesus. Father in name”. St. Smith and Mateo let us understand that “Although the image of Saint Joseph the Great is somewhat marginalized and cautiously standing in the second line, he is a part of the core of the history of salvation.” The Pope observed that St. Joseph, the Virgin Mary, played his role properly and “never wanted to be conspicuous.”

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The Pope quoted the Apostolic Pastoral Letter “Father’s Heart” and invited everyone to think: “Our lives are intertwined with ordinary people and support each other. They are often forgotten and will not appear on the pages of newspapers and magazines… Fathers, mothers, grandparents and teachers show our children how to deal with and survive crises by adjusting habits, looking up, and praying fervently. How many people pray, give and pray for the good of everyone.” ( Reference: No. 1)

Saint Joseph the Great has set an example for us. Everyone can find a “passing by quietly, a daily figure, a cautious and silent presence, and an intercessor, supporter, and guide in difficult times” in the Great Saint Joseph. The Pope stated that St. Joseph the Great reminded us that “all people who seem to be unknown or “on the second line” have actually played an unparalleled role in the history of salvation. The world needs these men and women: they stand. On the second line, they support the development of each of us; they support our life journey by praying, by example, and by teaching.”

In addition, the Pope also discussed another important aspect of the life of Saint Joseph the Great. According to the Gospel of Luke, Saint Joseph the Great guarded Jesus and the Virgin Mary. Therefore, he is also the guardian of the church, because the church is an extension of the body of Christ in history. “This aspect of the Great Saint Joseph as the guardian highly echoes the description of “Genesis”. At that time, when the heavenly chief voiced Abel’s life, Jiayin replied: “Am I watching my brother? People?” The Great Saint Joseph seems to want to tell us with life that we are always called to regard ourselves as the guardians of our brothers and sisters, to guard the people around us, and to guard those whom the Lord has entrusted to ourselves through life circumstances.” .

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Today’s society is called a “liquid society” or even a “gaseous society” because nothing seems to be solid now. However, in such a society, the deeds of the Great Saint Joseph provide an especially important instruction, which is the “importance of interpersonal relationship.” The Pope explained that each of our lives is “consisted of relationships.” The incarnate God “chooses the path of relationship and the path of history.” Without a relationship, many people feel lonely, “lack of the strength and courage to move forward.”

At the end of the catechism, the Pope offered a prayer to St. Joseph, asking him to protect these people and us all, and may the Great St. Joseph be our “alliance, friend and support.”

In the morning before the start of the Catechism, the Pope first came to St. Peter’s Basilica to greet the Italian pilgrims who participated in the public reception there. The Pope greeted the pilgrimage group of the Italian Saint Vincent family and thanked them for bringing hope to the loneliest people in hospitals, prisons, asylum centers and remote areas during the epidemic, and praised them for witnessing the “going out church”. For the pilgrims of the John Paul II Association, Pope Francis encouraged them to “follow the example of the Holy Pope and work hard to understand and accept the divine love of God.” In addition, members of the Italian Association of Victims of Violence were also on the scene. The Pope thanked them for their assistance and support to those who have been abused. He hopes that their example will inspire everyone’s enthusiasm, so that victims of violence will be protected and listened to.

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