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Portugal: improve in stay animal exports – News

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Portugal: improve in stay animal exports – News

Sales of pigs (piglets for fattening and pigs for slaughter) elevated by 19.5% within the 1st quarter of 2024 in comparison with the identical interval final yr, from 146,624 heads in 2023 to 175,140 heads in 2024 (+28,516 heads ). To break down these figures, 106,745 pigs have been despatched to slaughter, 11,063 greater than in 2023, and 68,395 piglets for fattening, 17,453 greater than final yr.

The complete weight of those animals elevated by 15.4% in comparison with the earlier yr, from 11,711 tons in 2023 to 13,514 tons in 2024. Thus, the entire weight of slaughter pigs was 12,310 tons, with a median weight of 115.3 kg stay weight, and the burden of piglets was 1,204 tons, with a median weight of 17.6 kg.

In meat, Portugal decreased its exports by 21% within the first 3 months of 2024 in comparison with 2023, with complete exports of 9,893 tons in 2024 and 12,518 tons in 2023. in 2023 to 4,157 tonnes in 2024. Exports of contemporary and chilled meat additionally decreased, this time by 6.7% in comparison with 2023, from 3,688 tonnes in 2023 to three,441 tonnes in 2024. Sales of offal additionally decreased, on this case by 29.4 by 29.4 %, from 3,253 tons in 2023 to 2,295 tons in 2024.

The worth of the international gross sales enterprise decreased by 6.7%, from 56,538 million euros in 2023 to 52,758 million euros in 2024.

May 20, 2024, Pig Bulletin No. 20, SIMA/ Portugal.

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