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Portuguesa x Palmeiras: where to watch, predictions and lineups

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Portuguesa x Palmeiras: where to watch, predictions and lineups

This Wednesday (28), the Portuguese receive the Palm trees at Canindé, at 7:30 pm (Brasília time), in a delayed game of the 5th round of the Paulista championship.

Leading group B and already qualified for the knockout stage, Verdão wants to maintain its unbeaten record – the Abel Ferreira It is the only one that has not yet lost in the State Championship.

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Alviverde’s main objective is to finish with the best overall campaign in the 1st phase, which will give them an advantage in field control in the next stage.

The Portuguesa, in turn, is going through a peculiar moment, allowed by the competition’s crazy regulations.

With just 7 points, the team is fighting against relegation in the general table. However, it is also in contention to qualify in 2nd place in group A.

Where to watch Portuguesa x Palmeiras?

Portuguesa x Palmeiras, which will have real-time monitoring on ESPN.com.brwill be transmitted by TNT Sports e Max.

Predictions for Portuguesa x Palmeiras

  • Gustavo Zupak: Portuguese 0 x 3 Palmeiras

  • Leonardo Bertozzi: Portuguese 1 x 2 Palmeiras

  • Ubiratan Leal: Portuguese 0 x 1 Palmeiras

Portuguesa x Palmeiras lineups

For the match, Abel Ferreira has three certain absences due to injury: the defender Gustavo Gomez and the attackers Black and Bruno Rodrigues. In addition to them, right-back Mayke has already started his physical transition after injuring his thigh, but should still be rested against Lusa.

As they have a classic against São Paulo at the weekend, Palmeiras must opt ​​for a mixed team to face Lusa. This way, players with little play this season, such as attacking midfielder Lázaro, can gain a chance. Furthermore, boys from the base, such as Luís Guilherme, Jhon Jhon and Estêvão, can also act.

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A possible Palmeiras has: Weverton; Garcia, Naves, Murilo and Vanderlan; Fabinho, Gabriel Menino, Jhon Jhon and Raphael Veiga; Lazarus and Ron.


Portuguesa will be without a coach Paintedwho was sent off in the 2-1 defeat to Botafogo-SP, last weekend, by Paulistão.

In Ribeirão Preto, the team used by the coach had: Thomazella; Quintana, Robson and Patrick; Douglas Borel, Tauã, Dudu Miraíma, Giovanni Augusto and Eduardo Diniz; Felipe Marques and Paraizo.

Palmeiras’ next games

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