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Presentation of the Polestar 4 electric car: looking back with no prospects

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Presentation of the Polestar 4 electric car: looking back with no prospects


Polestar follows the logic of numbers and has introduced 4 after 1, 2 and 3: The Polestar 4 can be ordered now and is scheduled for delivery from August. An elegant four-door electric car with 94 kWh of usable energy content in the traction battery, with a radar, twelve ultrasonic sensors and twelve cameras. The latter are needed, among other things, for automatic lane changing on the highway and also because the Polestar 4 has no rear window. Prices: from 61,900 euros for the single motor version with rear-wheel drive and from 69,900 euros for the dual motor with all-wheel drive.

“We see the Polestar 4 as a direct competitor to the Porsche Macan,” says Henrik Svensson, who is responsible for all areas of the vehicle range at Polestar. A 4.84 meter and 1.54 meter high sports sedan with frameless windows should compete with an SUV? Formally, this may not be an exact fit, but from the customer’s perspective the parallel is clear: when it comes to the D segment and aesthetics, image and dynamics, both electric cars are available in a similar price range. Another competitor is the BMW i4.

Nevertheless, the Polestar 4 is in a certain way a standalone, and that is due to the strange combination of the lack of a rear window on the one hand and a large trunk lid on the other. The feeling of space at the back is not cramped, but on the contrary particularly generous. This is due to the generous legroom and the panoramic roof, which is pulled far back and unfortunately cannot be opened. Anyone sitting in the rear doesn’t need a view to the rear. In the driver’s seat, on the other hand, the difference is smaller than expected: there are simply too many cars in which the view behind the headrest falls on a tiny piece of window. Try it out in a Porsche Taycan, MG4 or a used Toyota Prius.

A practical test will show how well the digital rearview mirror in the Polestar 4 works. The pro argument is that theoretically you can see more than with a conventional interior mirror. The rest of the operating logic is typical of the Android Automotive brand. The functions in the prototype’s central display work quickly and are immediately understandable. The workmanship and choice of materials in the pre-production vehicle were already very high quality, although the appearance in this specific case – metallic white paint, gray-blue seats and belts in the color Swedish gold – exudes Scandinavian objectivity. The interior is the opposite of the moving English country house with burl wood and finely graduated brown tones in the fabric and carpet.

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Image 1 of 9 Two displays plus head-up are more than enough. Nevertheless, everything seems clear, and both the indicators and the gear levels are operated via steering column levers. (Image: Christoph M. Schwarzer)

We haven’t been able to do a test lap yet. However, Polestar has published the technical data: The 94 kWh net (100 kWh gross) traction battery supplies power either only to the rear permanent magnet synchronous motor with 200 kW output or additionally to a front electric motor of the same design with a system output of 400 kW. The top speed is limited to 200 km/h. We have summarized further technical data for you in the data sheet on the next page.

The supplier of battery cells with NMC cathodes is global market leader CATL. The voltage level is 400 volts. Polestar promises a time of 30 minutes for the charging stroke from ten to 80 percent, and the maximum charging power is 200 kW. Here the expectations of the Porsche Macan with an 800 volt voltage level are higher or shorter. What the time value in the Polestar 4 means in practice also depends on the real power consumption. On paper it is 17.7 kWh/100 km for the single motor with 20-inch rims and 21 kWh/100 km for the fully equipped dual motor.

Image 1 of 4 The Polestar 4 is 4.84 meters long, 1.54 meters high and 2.14 meters wide with exterior mirrors. (Image: Christoph M. Schwarzer)

Practical skills are also relevant for practice. The variable rear trunk holds up to 526 liters, has a height-adjustable loading floor and a recess behind the rear axle, as can also be found on Tesla. At the front there is a small frunk with a volume of 15 liters. The trailer hitch pulls 1.5 tonnes (single motor) or two tonnes (dual motor) with a tongue load of 100 kg, and a further 75 kg can be packed on the roof. After all, Scandinavians like to travel with a box.

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The Polestar 4 is an interesting alternative in the D segment. It will appeal to those buyers for whom a BMW i4 is too mundane and a Porsche Macan is too inflationary. The missing rear window is a quirk that is probably less scandalous in everyday life than it initially sounds. What remains is an attractive Chinese-made piece of Sweden with reliable Google software.

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