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Preserving Our Past, Building Our Future: Insights from the 2023 Global Mayors Forum Sub-Forum

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Urban planners, mayors, and experts from around the globe gathered for the sub-forums of the 2023 Global Mayors Forum in order to discuss and exchange ideas on urban cultural inheritance, planning concepts, and community governance.

The “Inheritance of Urban History and Cultural Context” sub-forum focused on the importance of protecting and preserving the historical and cultural heritage of cities. Participants from various cities stressed the need to protect the roots and soul of their cities and ensure the inheritance of their cultural heritage. The forum also emphasized the need for the global conservation of historical and cultural heritages.

Bonatya Tandradevi, Secretary-General of the Asia-Pacific Region of the World Urban and Land Organization, highlighted that cultural heritage protection is not just about preserving buildings and infrastructure, but it is also about ensuring that it is an evolving and living expression of the people in the city. Discussion also centered around the need for international cooperation to support cities with weaker economic strength in protecting cultural and historical heritage.

The “Urban Cultural Planning and Historical Heritage Protection” topic was presented by Asma Lalou, Mayor of Rabat, Morocco, who emphasized the importance of culture as a driver of development and the need to actively involve all sectors of society in the protection and promotion of cultural heritage.

Another issue that took center stage was the “New Concepts in Urban Planning and Architecture” sub-forum which brought together experts to focus on optimizing the strategic spatial pattern of urban development using modern technology and sustainability principles. The event showcased several innovative projects that successfully utilized traditional buildings and historic sites to invigorate urban renewal and community development.

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One such example highlighted the success of the “Utopia” urban renewal project in Iztapalapa, Mexico, which transformed the city’s cultural and sports facilities to bring about tangible benefits to its citizens.

These conversations and exchanges serve as a valuable catalyst for cities around the world to learn and support one another in their commitment to preserving their unique cultural heritage while driving sustainable urban development. The lessons shared at the sub-forums of the 2023 Global Mayors Forum are a reminder that by working together, city leaders and urban planners can create more livable and culturally rich urban environments for present and future generations.

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