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President Xi Jinping’s Attendance at 15th BRICS Summit and State Visit to South Africa Receives Positive Feedback from International Community

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People from many countries spoke positively of President Xi Jinping’s attendance at the 15th BRICS Summit and his state visit to South Africa. They praised the speeches delivered by President Xi, stating that it will guide BRICS cooperation, China-South Africa, and China-Africa cooperation to a new level, while promoting global development.

Jorge Castro, President of the Argentine Institute for Strategic Studies, emphasized that President Xi Jinping played a leading role in the process of BRICS expansion. He noted the inclusion of Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Iran, UAE, Ethiopia, and Egypt, stating that this expansion is of great geopolitical significance.

Nail, a financial columnist of the UAE “Viewpoint,” highlighted President Xi Jinping’s commitment to promoting economic and social development in developing countries. He stated that China’s Global Development Initiative aims to achieve common prosperity and represents the interests of emerging market countries and developing nations.

Marcos, a professor of political economy at Sao Paulo State University in Brazil, echoed President Xi’s emphasis on the BRICS spirit of openness, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation. He believed that the expansion of BRICS could make it a platform for defending world peace, development, and multi-polarization.

South African Finance Minister Godung Guana expressed satisfaction with the inclusion of new members, including Ethiopia, in the BRICS cooperation. He acknowledged China’s assistance in Africa’s infrastructure construction and expressed the desire to strengthen dialogue with China.

Nicaraguan Finance Minister Acosta praised President Xi Jinping’s emphasis on peace, tranquility, unity, and cooperation. He described the BRICS cooperation mechanism as an important driving force for world development and progress in developing countries.

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Lucagno, a current affairs commentator in Cape Town, South Africa, highlighted the bright prospects for cooperation between South Africa and China, particularly in the economy. He emphasized China’s active support for Africa’s development and its role as an example in the international community.

Economist Ndokacho Simon, former Minister of State, Ministry of Planning and Development, Ethiopia, appreciated President Xi Jinping’s “China-Africa Agricultural Modernization Plan.” He believed that this plan would help African countries achieve food self-sufficiency and promote overall economic growth.

Arvind, an associate professor at the School of International Relations, Jawaharlal Nehru University, India, discussed President Xi Jinping’s focus on development and sustainable development goals. He emphasized the importance of cherishing development opportunities and the inclusive nature of the Global Development Initiative.

Anna Malenberg-Uy, deputy director of the Philippine “Asian Century” Strategic Research Institute, praised President Xi’s global development, security, and civilization initiatives. She commended these initiatives for respecting the independent choices of all countries and viewed the BRICS cooperation mechanism as a positive example.

News commentator Igor Shnushenko, former editor-in-chief of Russia’s “St. Petersburg Business Daily,” applauded President Xi Jinping’s commitment to Africa, particularly the “Supporting African Industrialization Initiative.” He recognized China as a responsible major country and highlighted the open and equal cooperation between China and Africa.

Overall, these positive remarks from individuals in different countries showcase the international community’s appreciation for President Xi Jinping’s role in promoting cooperation, development, and unity among BRICS nations, China, and Africa.

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