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“Prigozhin will leave, but the problem remains”, “Putin saved the country”: the attempted coup in Russian newspapers

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“Prigozhin will leave, but the problem remains”, “Putin saved the country”: the attempted coup in Russian newspapers

Se analysts e political scientists Russians have openly stated that the coup attempt by Prigozhin irreparably undermined the power of Putin, the media in Russia are also not hiding the crisis that opened last weekend. The Moskovsky Komsolets – distributed in particular in Moscow with a circulation of about one million copies – headline: “Prigozhin he will go away, but the problem remains”. “Russia has shown its vulnerability to the world and to herself”, the subtitle specifies. “There Russia corre at full speed on the edge of the abyss and at same speed she walked away. The most terrible scenario has been avoided. An armed conflict at home, a total split of the security forces, battles in the streets of cities, including in Moscow,” reads the main article of the masthead. “THE vertices they forgot that the letters P e M in Pmc Wagnerwhich stand for Private Military are incompatible. A monopoly is almost always bad. But there is one that is always positive and necessary. It is the state’s monopoly on legitimate force. If there is no such monopoly, as we have seen, the very existence of the state is threatened”.

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Kommersantconsidered the largest political-financial newspaper in the country, cites sources according to which several units of the Wagner they refused to participate in the convoy to Mosca. Some mercenaries have left Rostov to return to their bases. According to dailydeputies, senatorsgovernors and others officials have expressed strong support for the President and convicted i rebels. The order to strike the columns Wagner was not imparted, since the authority they tried to avoid useless victims both between population civil that among the mercenaries “out of respect for their military merits”, it is argued. To units of the Ministry of the Interior and the National Guard a Rostov was ordered away from neighborhood general of the Southern Military District and not to interfere with the actions of Wagner while in parallel negotiations were opened with the rebels who were joined by Aleksandr Lukashenko in the afternoon, the official version continues, aimed at justifying the apparent vacuum of power on Saturday.

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“44 million euros in cash found in Prigozhin’s St. Petersburg office”

Nezavissima Gazetawhich has a circulation of around 50,000 copies, points out that “the system legal can be so flexible as to be non-existent”, as evidenced by the closure of the criminal case opened against Prigozhin after his agreement with the Kremlin (which would still be open, as emerges today, ed). “Under pressure, the vertical of power has decided not to destroy itself. It’s difficult consider come effective such a system. But there is nothing new”. “The events of June 24th they will undoubtedly have consequences in the long term on the country”, the singular admission of daily. “Il total disarmament of all armed formations not included in the regular forces it is required not only by the penal code but also by today’s political reality. In Russia there must not be soldiers who are loyal first of all to their boss”, it is also denounced. “This kind of compromises – the one between Prigozhin and the Kremlined – it is done with naysayers politicians, not with criminals and terrorists. We should perhaps consider Prigozhin like a politician? There is no answer yet”. There Komsomolskaya Pravda, the best-selling newspaper in Russia, does not abandon the position of total alignment with the Kremlin and underlines instead that Saturday’s events “did not weaken our country, but they strengthened it”. “It was President Putin who saved Russia and stopped Prigozhin’s convoys. It was he who concluded the affair safely. Russia has multiplied her prestige, proving that she can deal with any crisis, external and internal ”.

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