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Prince Philip: Sincere condolences from world leaders around the world

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Monarchs, heads of state and prime ministers from around the world have sent heartfelt tributes following the death of the Prince Philip occurred at the age of 99. Both European royal families and Commonwealth leaders have praised the Duke of Edinburgh’s public service.

Joe Biden described Philip as a “devil of a boy”, and along with him all former US presidents in life also sent tributes.

In the UK, all political leaders have done the same. From Boris Johnson, to the leader of the Labor opposition Keir Starmer, to the Scottish secessionist leader of the SNP Nicola Sturgeon, everyone wanted to dedicate messages of affection to the late Duke of Edinburgh.

Johnson recalled Filippo “” as a much loved and highly respected public figure “. “We will remember the Duke of Edinburgh for his contribution to the nation and his solid support for the Queen,” Johnson said speaking outside Downing Street. “As a nation and as a kingdom we thank the extraordinary figure and work” of Prince Philip, the premier said, defining him “a loving husband, a loving father and grandfather”.

The last days of Prince Philip: “I want to die at home”

by our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

The condolences of European royalty

The Spanish royal family expressed their condolences to the British and the citizens of the United Kingdom on the death of Prince Philip, who was a cousin of the father of Queen Emeritus of Spain, Sofia.

“Dear aunt Lilibet, we feel deeply saddened by the news of the death of our dear uncle Philip”, is the sentence with which the telegram of Philip VI and his family, published in various newspapers. And again: “We want to express our deepest condolences on behalf of the Spanish government and people, as well as our closeness and support. We will never forget the opportunities we were able to share with him ”, reads the message.

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King Philip of Belgium brought the condolences of the Belgian royal family in a private message to Elizabeth, expressing a desire to speak in person with the British queen as soon as possible.

Re Carl Gustaf of Sweden said he was, together with Queen Silvia, “deeply saddened to learn of the disappearance of his royal highness the Duke of Edinburgh”. Prince Philip, continued the Swedish sovereign, “has been a great friend of our family for years, a relationship that has had a profound value for us, the way he served his country will remain an inspiration for us all” .

Eight days of mourning, then the message to the nation and the funeral in a restricted form: Elizabeth’s pain

by our correspondent Antonello Guerrera

The memory of Putin

The Russian president Vladimir Putin she conveyed her condolences to Queen Elizabeth II for the death of her husband with a telegram: the Kremlin reports.

“His Royal Highness’s name is associated with numerous important events in your country’s recent history. He was rightly respected by the British people and enjoyed international prestige ”, reads the text sent by Putin and published on the official website of the Kremlin.

“An example of Christian service”

The role of Prince Consort Philip also as a “Christian” is remembered today on the day of the death of the Duke of Edinburgh by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, the highest ecclesiastical dignitary of the Anglican confession, the national Church of which Queen Elizabeth is nominally head.

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Welby, in a message, gives “thanks to God for his extraordinary life dedicated to the service” of the nation and adds: “By constantly placing the interests of others above his own”, Prince Philip “gave an outstanding example of Christian service” .

Messages of condolence and tribute were also addressed by the leaders of other religious denominations represented in the UK today: including the world of Jewish and British Muslim communities.

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