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Princess Kate reappears in public after the operation

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Princess Kate reappears in public after the operation

For the first time since her abdominal operation on January 16th, British Princess Kate Middelton was seen out and about today. Kate was in a car driven by her mother Carole near Windsor Castle. A normal informal outing, between mother and daughter, apparently, although nothing more is known. The photos appeared on the Tmz website. And somehow they silenced all the rumors about the princess’s illness, given that the confidentiality maintained about the operation had at times led to fears that her condition was very serious.

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The princess had not been seen since last December. Even the public appointments of her husband Prince William in recent weeks had been drastically reduced precisely to be close to her wife during her convalescence. The mystery remains about the precise causes of the illness and the precise nature of the operation, for which the royal family has managed to maintain the strictest secrecy.

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Kate remained hospitalized for two weeks and then retired to a very private life: according to what Buckingham Palace has made known, she will be able to resume normal activities at Easter. A long period of convalescence, which stimulated the curiosity of the British and beyond. But in the meantime, even if her commitments are canceled for another month, the princess has started going out again and this has been taken as a good sign for the health of the future queen.

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