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Promoting Regional Comprehensive Economic Cooperation “Political and Banking Cooperation to Help RCEP Cooperation and Development Proposal” was signed in Chongqing_Chongqing

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Original title: Proposal for Promoting Comprehensive Regional Economic Cooperation, “Politics and Banks Join Hands to Help RCEP Cooperation and Development Proposal” was signed in Chongqing

On November 24, the “RCEP Opportunities and Inland Opening Matchmaking Meeting”, one of the special events of the 2021 China-Singapore Financial Summit, was held at Chongqing Yuelai International Conference Center. At the meeting, representatives of the Chongqing government and the banking sector signed the “Proposal for Cooperation between Government and Banks to Help RCEP Cooperative Development” (hereinafter referred to as the “Proposal”) on the “cloud” of RCEP member states.

Political and Banking Hand in Hand with Nine Initiatives to Promote RCEP Cooperation and Development

At the meeting, Ruan Lu, Director of Chongqing Local Financial Supervision Bureau, Li Tao, President of Chongqing Branch of China Construction Bank, Gong Zhiyong, Party Member of Chongqing Commerce Committee, Malaysia-China Business Council, and representatives of 13 domestic and foreign institutions of China Construction Bank together “Cloud” signed the “Proposal for Cooperation between Government and Bank of China to Help RCEP Cooperation and Development”.

It is understood that the “Proposal” was issued by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, Chongqing Local Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau, Malaysia-China Business Council, and China Construction Bank Chongqing Branch, Sichuan Branch, Shaanxi Branch, Singapore Branch, Ho Chi Minh City Branch , Malaysia branch, Indonesia branch, Tokyo branch, Seoul branch, Sydney branch, New Zealand branch, CCB Asia, Macau branch and other domestic and foreign institutions co-sponsored by the Non-discriminatory, rules-based multilateral trading system.

On the occasion of the successful signing of the “Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP)”, the start of the “14th Five-Year Plan” and the start of the “Second Five Years” of the China-Singapore (Chongqing) Strategic Connectivity Demonstration Project, the “Proposal Letter” was signed “Aims to further promote the interconnection between China’s western region and RCEP countries, and actively promote regional comprehensive economic cooperation to a new height.

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In the “Proposal”, the parties discussed the importance of signing the RCEP agreement to regional economic growth and financial market prosperity, strengthened RCEP rules and related forward-looking research, supported the liberalization and facilitation of intraregional trade, and promoted the open development of regional financial services. We will steadily promote the use of cross-border renminbi in the region, build high-quality new land and sea channels in the west, support green, low-carbon and sustainable development, support the development of small and medium-sized enterprises and economic and technological cooperation, and build a regional financial mutual sharing platform to reach consensus.

Seize the opportunity to promote the interconnection between the western region and RCEP member states

The “Proposal” clearly proposes that all parties propose to strengthen the RCEP rules and related forward-looking research. Supporting the effectiveness of the government-bank collaborative research mechanism, organizing in-depth research on RCEP rules, regulations, management and standards, understanding the major concerns of current RCEP member states, formulating targeted response plans, identifying the focus of political and bank work, and helping western China to grasp To live up to the RCEP signing opportunity, actively integrate into the reshaping of the global industrial chain, and promote the “face-to-face” interconnection between China’s western region and ASEAN and other RCEP member states.

All parties advocate the high-quality construction of a new land-sea channel in the west. Support the use of domestic and foreign financial resources, participate in the construction of key projects along the new western land-sea corridors such as transportation channels and logistics facilities, and promote the interconnection of infrastructure between China’s western region and ASEAN and other RCEP member countries. Support the development of cross-border logistics financial innovation based on the new western land-sea channel and RCEP rules, promote channel operation and logistics efficiency, and promote the development of cold chain logistics, modern manufacturing logistics, bulk commodity logistics, e-commerce logistics, etc., for logistics, warehousing, and logistics along the RCEP. Businesses such as commerce and trade provide a full range of high-quality financial services.

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On-site matchmaking will help western famous and special products “go global”

To seize the new opportunities of RCEP, the meeting also held a matchmaking meeting to help farmers and businesses share new RCEP opportunities to actively expand advantageous industries and specialty products in western my country to “go global”, promote the “bring in” of high-quality products from RCEP member countries, and help cross-border industries. High-quality development of border trade.

Fuling mustard in Chongqing, Douban in Pixian in Sichuan, Ziyang honey in Shaanxi, and specialties in Qinba Mountains… At the meeting, high-quality enterprises from home and abroad promoted their own characteristics and superior products through online and offline methods.

Wei Jie, chairman of Chongqing Yumaotong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., introduced the project of Chongqing Foreign Economic and Trade Group’s Yumaotong Platform “Brand Going to Sea, Helping Agriculture and Business”. Deng Jun, Deputy Director of Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and Singapore TRUSTANA Wen Yiwu, the person in charge of the company’s China region, and Zhao Xin, the operation director of Womai.com Malaysia, respectively promoted their products and business operations online and offline.

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