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Prosecutor’s Office raids ARGOZ offices for fraud, and captures its directors – Diario La Página

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The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) in El Salvador carried out a raid on the offices of Corporación ARGOZ SA de CV this afternoon. The raid was conducted to strengthen the investigations after illegalities committed by the subdivision company against people who had purchased land from them. The FGR’s raid was verified by Attorney General Rodolfo Delgado and Minister of Housing Michelle Sol.

Leticia Farfán and Rodrigo Javier Gómez Farfán, identified as leaders of the scam, were captured during the raid, and the prosecutor’s office also raided their luxurious residences in exclusive areas. The FGR reported seizing $37,919.73 in cash and five vehicles from the properties.

ARGOZ is accused of selling properties in rural areas of the country without legal ownership or permits. The company offered affordable prices and payment facilities to buyers, but once payments were completed, buyers realized the lands were not registered as property of the ARGOZ corporation.

The subdivision company also made promise-of-sale contracts in the name of other companies, to whom the victims paid low fees. However, when buyers tried to register the properties, they found that the lands were not legally owned by ARGOZ, making it impossible to carry out the necessary procedures.

The FGR’s raid and subsequent captures are a significant development in the investigation into the illegal activities of ARGOZ SA de CV. Further updates are expected as the investigation unfolds.

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