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Protesting Using GPT Chat, This Man Once Successfully Cheated McDonald’s

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Protesting Using GPT Chat, This Man Once Successfully Cheated McDonald’s


Because he once protested using AI technology, this man admitted that he had tricked a restaurant. Until finally he was found out and this is the chronology.

Food protests are not unusual for customers to express their dissatisfaction. Many restaurants specifically provide a comfortable platform for customers to submit complaints, both verbally and in writing.

Some fast food restaurants even provide online complaint reporting for their customers. It is not uncommon for those who submit complaints to receive appreciation as well as an apology in the form of a gift or compensation.



One restaurant that has implemented an online complaint reporting platform is McDonald’s. A McDonald’s restaurant customer admitted that he had complained but ended up getting excessive vouchers and free food.

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Just by filling out a survey using Chat GPT, this man managed to trick McD. Photo: MSN News

Reported by MSN News (14/2) a seller on the Amazon site named Gage told of the fraud he had committed. This story started with him trying to report disappointment on the McDonald’s customer service website listed at the bottom of the food receipt.

He, who at that time only included a few explanations for his report, finally used the help of Chat GPT. Unexpectedly, the sentence he got actually sounded more dramatic and exaggerated than the report he just wanted to convey.

Gage explained that not long after the report he received a voucher for a free meal at McDonald’s England, apart from that, McDonald’s also apologized to him. Feeling comfortable with the prize he received, Gage tried to continue to report his disappointment even though there was nothing wrong with the menu he was eating at that time.

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Gage admitted that he was able to enjoy up to 100 portions of free food through reports with the help of Artificial Intelligence or AI technology. The free food he got was said to be a burger package complete with a drink and accompanying menu.

His action was successful and he got 100 free burgers until finally the restaurant detected his fraud. Photo: MSN News

But Gage admitted that his cheating didn’t last long. The workers at the McDonald’s outlet where he usually ordered food finally found out about the sneaky trick he was doing.

“At first I was happy to do it, there were lots of free food and vouchers for me. But after doing it too often, the waiters there found out about my cunning. They no longer sent vouchers or free food and even my reports were ignored,” said Gage, laughing and regretting the action.

In the 1 minute 31 second video, Gage also said that he was never given a purchase receipt after his fraud was discovered. This is because the report submitted must include the order number on the receipt which normally the customer will always get.

Not only did this impose restrictions on Gage, it is said that when he visited the restaurant in person there was a unique additional note in the corner of the restaurant. “Please fill out our survey and here is the best rating for our restaurant,” wrote the poster displayed in the corner of the restaurant.

Two readers of the All Things Podcast who invited Gage as a guest burst out laughing. They even said that the restaurant’s rating decrease was definitely because of Gage’s actions.

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