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Public transport strike in Hesse: Verdi calls for warning strikes in Frankfurt, Kassel and Wiesbaden | hessenschau.de

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Public transport strike in Hesse: Verdi calls for warning strikes in Frankfurt, Kassel and Wiesbaden |  hessenschau.de

In Hesse, too, the Verdi union is calling on public transport workers to take part in nationwide strike waves – albeit later than in other federal states: on Friday and Saturday, depending on the city, buses, trams and subways will be at a standstill.

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Verdi strike announced for Friday and Saturday

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On Monday evening, the Verdi union made a little more concrete what had already become apparent with the beginning of the nationwide warning strike wave in local public transport: Employees in local public transport in Hesse are called on to take part in the strikes on Friday and Saturday.

Mainly larger cities affected

According to Verdi, it hits in Frankfurt the subways and trams of the Frankfurt Transport Company (VGF). S-Bahn trains and buses should not be on strike here. In Wiesbaden bus traffic comes to a standstill. So far there have been no further details from the transport companies about the strike-related cancellations.

The Frankfurt transport company (VGF) pointed out on its website that the city buses are expected to run. As an alternative to the failed subway, S-Bahn and regional trains could be used.

For North Hesse Details have already been known since Monday morning: Verdi has hired the approximately 800 employees of the Kasseler Verkehrs-Gesellschaft (KVG). called for a warning strike for Friday and Saturday. According to the information, it must be expected that throughout the entire city Kassel Neither the trams nor the KVG buses on lines 1 to 29 run.

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Verdi announces strike week in public transport

Commuters will face significant restrictions on bus, road and subway traffic: The Verdi union has announced a “wave strike” starting on Monday – for a week on different days, especially on Friday.

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This will also apply to the KVG bus lines 11, 17 and 22 in the surrounding area as well as on the tram routes to Vellmar, Baunatal and through the Lossetal. In addition, passengers would have to assume that the RegioTrams from the surrounding area only travel to Kassel main station and not through the city center.

Strikes began in some federal states already on Monday. In total, Verdi called on around 90,000 employees in municipal transport companies nationwide to stop work on different days until Saturday.

Central strike day together with climate strike day

Friday is supposed to be the central strike day across Germany. Parallel to the warning strikes, Fridays For Future is organizing numerous demonstrations against the climate crisis on March 1st. The employees of municipal transport companies went on strike on February 2nd – also supported by Fridays for Future.

Verdi wants to put pressure on the ongoing negotiations in the collective bargaining dispute in local public transport. According to the union, this is mainly about improving working conditions and relieving the burden on employees.

In Hesse, for example, working hours are to be reduced by up to four hours and some employees are to be grouped higher.


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