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Puerto Rico Braces for Another ‘Godzilla’-Like Sahara Dust Event

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Puerto Rico Braces for Another ‘Godzilla’-Like Sahara Dust Event

Puerto Rico Braces for ‘Godzilla’-Like Dust Cloud Set to Impact the Island

Puerto Rico is preparing for a recurrence of an event similar to the one that occurred in July 2020, known as ‘Godzilla’, which covered the entire island. Starting today, Monday, and lasting until Wednesday, a dense mass of dust from the Sahara will begin to affect air quality.

According to the National Meteorological Service, the dust cloud is expected to settle over the islands, causing hazy skies, reduced visibility, and health impacts. The concentration of dust particles will be highest from Monday night through Thursday.

The Puerto Rico Meteorological Center (CMPR) has compared this event to the ‘Godzilla’ phenomenon that occurred in 2020, as recognized by the European Space Agency (ESA). Víctor Jiménez Acevedo, founder of the CMPR, warned that this event could lead to a significant deterioration in air quality, especially on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Citizens with respiratory or cardiac conditions, allergies, and other health concerns are urged to take precautionary measures. It is recommended to stay indoors if possible, stay cool, relaxed, and hydrated, and wear a mask when going outside. Wearing glasses to protect the eyes from irritation is also advised.

The impact of this dust cloud is expected to be similar to the previous ‘Godzilla’ event, which had historic consequences for the island. Puerto Ricans are urged to stay informed about the evolving situation and take the necessary steps to protect their health.


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