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Putin: a “provocation” to hypothesize a Russian attack on Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin called the hypothesis that Russia could conduct an offensive against Ukraine “a provocation”. Tass reports it. Certainly, however, the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, confirmed in the aftermath of his virtual conversation with the head of the White House, Joe Biden, that «upon Ukraine’s entry into NATO, the deployment of weapons on its territory would follow, which threaten the Russia”. «We can only be worried – said Putin – about the prospect of the possible admission of Ukraine to NATO, because this will undoubtedly be followed by the deployment of military contingents, bases and weapons that threaten us. We have every reason – he added – to believe that it will happen if Ukraine is admitted to NATO. Not thinking about it would be our criminal inaction ». Then, replying to a reporter who asked him if Russia will attack Ukraine, he said: «This is a provocative question. Russia is pursuing a peaceful foreign policy, but it has the right to guarantee its security ”.

Hence, the Libya node. “The elections in Libya should take place as planned on December 24 and lead to a stabilization of the internal situation in the country”. This is the wish expressed by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin: “We are working on the premise that the elections will be held in the set date and will lead to stabilization in the country “. Finally, a comment on yesterday’s virtual meeting with the American president Je Bidn: “We can continue the dialogue with the American president and this is the main thing”. Putin then defined – as reported by Interfax – his conversation with Biden as “open, concrete and constructive”.

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