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Putin grants Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden

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Putin grants Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden

Russian President Vladimir Putin has granted Russian citizenship to Edward Snowden, 39, the computer scientist who unveiled the details of several top secret mass surveillance programs by the US and British governments in 2013. In October 2020, Russia had already granted him a permanent residence permit in Russia. And now Snowden’s wife will also ask for her Russian nationality to be recognized. This was told to Ria Novosti by the lawyer of the former US intelligence officer, Anatoly Kucherena. As for her daughter, born in the Russian Federation, “she received Russian citizenship by birth,” concluded the lawyer. Snowden will not be subject to any summons as part of the partial mobilization in Russia, according to his lawyer Anatoly Kucherena told Interfax. “There is a procedure established by Russian law in relation to the requirements for summoning in the context of partial mobilization. Since Edward has not served in the Russian army and has no experience or practice in military service, he is not subject to the possibility of enlistment, ”Kucherena replied to a question from Interfax.
Who is Snowden
Nine years ago Snwoden disclosed the extent of the secret surveillance operations by the National Security Agency (NSA) and for this he was forced to flee the United States and obtain asylum in Russia after leaking secret files from the NSA, the body. government government for which he worked. The American authorities, after the complaint, have been fighting for years to obtain the return of the computer scientist to the United States. The goal, of course, is to subject him to a criminal trial for espionage. Requests that the US computer scientist has always ignored. It should also be noted that Snowden’s name had been included by the Kremlin in the list of 72 people born abroad and to whom President Putin intended to grant Russian citizenship. A transition that took place today. But, even earlier, in 2020, Russia had granted Snowden permanent residency rights, effectively opening the way for him to obtain citizenship. Finally, the position of the American computer scientist is also controversial in the face of the opinion, in 2017, of the US Court of Appeal which had deemed Snowden’s action illegal. And this despite the defense of the American intelligence chiefs who, according to the judges, were not telling the truth about the case. Finally, Putin himself said that Snowden was wrong in leaking the secrets of the United States but he was not a traitor.
The Datagate
The story obviously caused a great scandal at an international level. The international press also dealt with the case and the NSA (National Security Agency) even tried to prevent the publication by the Guardian of the revelations of the former contractor of the agency that dealt with national security. To write it is the same English newspaper citing a new book, “The Secret History of Five Eyes” to be released Thursday and the work of director and investigative journalist Richard Kerbaj. According to the book, the NSA tried to contact its English counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters, to act as a censor. The then number one of the agency, Sir Iain Lobban, received a phone call a few hours before June 6, 2013, the day the Datagate began, requesting to prevent publication. The request was however rejected. According to Kerbaj, Lobban was well aware of the importance of relations between US and UK intelligence, however the request to exhort a newspaper not to publish an article for the good of the NSA seemed excessive. In October of the same year, then Prime Minister David Cameron threatened to use restraining orders to prevent further data from being released, but a commission alerting the British press to the potential harm an article could cause to national security told the Guardian that nothing published had put the lives of UK citizens at risk

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