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Putin opens to Biden: “If the US is willing, ready for further dialogue”

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Russia is ready for further dialogue if the United States is willing to do so. Vladimir Putin said this in the aftermath of the summit with Joe Biden. “The summit took place in a friendly atmosphere,” added the head of the Kremlin. “We were able to understand each other and understand each other’s positions on key issues.” “I hope that relations with Washington are different from how they were in previous years, and that the president of the United States is able to work.”
It does not end here: Putin also expressed a direct opinion on Biden: «The image of the American president painted by the media has nothing to do with reality. He is a professional, we will have to work with him very carefully, nothing must be left to chance because nothing escapes him ». “I hope – he concluded – that he will be given the opportunity to work calmly”.

Meanwhile, the first concrete effects of the Geneva summit are beginning to be seen: next week the Russian ambassador to Washington, Anatoly Antonov, will return to work.

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