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Putin propagandist names four German targets

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Putin propagandist names four German targets
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    Propagandist Kiselyov reacts to the Bundeswehr leak. He wants to counterbalance an attack on the Crimean Bridge. Four bridges are in his sights.

    Moscow – After the Bundeswehr wiretapping scandal, an episode of the station’s “Vesti Nedeli” program followed Russia 1. There, the pro-Kremlin propagandist Dmitri Kiselyov called out loudly The print four bridges in Germany that Russia could destroy in retaliation for a possible attack on the Crimean Bridge. “It would be a shame, but what can we do?” said Kiselyov.

    After a warning about the elimination of the recently murdered Maxim Kuzminov was broadcast in another episode of the show last October, the question of whether this threat will become reality is not far off. Either way, Kiselyov’s statement is a reaction to the intercepted conversation in which Bundeswehr officers are said to have discussed an attack on the Crimean Bridge with Taurus missiles in connection with the Ukraine war.

    Retaliation for the Crimean Bridge: The propaganda machine is talking about these bridges

    “In this rather narrow country there are none as long as Crimea. But through the missile’s sights there is still something to see,” Kiselyov said in the program for an inventory of bridges. His solution to the problem was simple: “We have to pay attention to the other bridges in Germany to avoid retaliatory damage in linear meters.”

    The 2,830 meter long Rügen Bridge shown here is one of the four goals that Kiselyov named. © picture alliance/dpa | Stefan Sauer

    In total, Kiselyov came up with four bridges: the Hohenzollern railway bridge in Cologne, the Fehrmarnsund and Rügen bridges in northern Germany and the Magdeburg water bridge, which spans the Elbe. The details of the list suggest that it was not a spontaneous reaction. The Putin confidant paid attention not to the length, but also to the traffic and the significance of the bridges. The Magdeburg Bridge is “the cherry on the cake,” said Kiselyov. (lismah)

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