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Quarantine presents us with “The Blues of the Antisystem”

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Quarantine presents us with “The Blues of the Antisystem”

We premiere a new preview, video clip included, of “Urban Legend”the new EP of the band from La Rioja Quarantine.

There is nothing left for the new work of the Logroño quartet to see the light Quarantine. “Urban Legend”their fourth release after two demos and one LP, It was recorded and produced at Estudio Meca in San Asensio (La Rioja) and will be released by Demons Records.

Their new advance song, “El Blues del Antisistema”, is a blues with a punk soul with which they try to make us see that it is not so clear who wants to destroy the system. It is accompanied by a video clip that has been recorded and produced by Jimi Pasomalo.

Cuarentena, made up of Chus (drums), Fran (bass and backing vocals), Julio (guitar and vocals) and Sixto (guitar and backing vocals), “is the rock we listened to when we were young seen through the prism of age. For this reason, our songs do not talk about things that happened to us when we were twenty, but about all those things that worry us, make us angry and, above all, make us laugh now”. His influences range from national groups such as Barricada, Leño, Porretas… to other international ones such as AC/DC, ZZ Top, Ramones… After two first demos and more than fifty concerts in La Rioja, and nearby provinces, in 2020, just Before the pandemic, they released their first LP, the presentation of which was delayed for obvious reasons. In 2021 they returned to the stage powerfully and now they are getting on the uncontrolled bandwagon of rock with their new EP “Leyenda Urbana”, recorded thanks to a crowdfunding campaign.

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The first presentation concert will arrive on April 21 at the Fundición hall in Logroño, and later they will go through Stereo (Logroño, May 6), Mendigo Aretoa (Barakaldo, May 13), Lezo (May 27) and Baños de Río Tobia (May 16).

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