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racist insults to Upamecano. And Mourinho appears

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racist insults to Upamecano.  And Mourinho appears

It was a difficult Champions League night for the Bayern Monaco, perhaps one of the most complicated of the Bavarians’ recent years. Against the Lazio a defeat came at the Olimpico, a result however that still keeps everything open in view of the return match because for Kane and teammates there is still the possibility of recovering the 1-0. It is clear that in the last period things have not started to go in the right direction and not only in the Cup.

In the last week Bayern Munich has experienced nervous moments, especially after the defeat against Bayer Leverkusen with the words in the post-race of Muller. It has been questioned Tucheleven more so after the defeat against Lazio Of Sarri. But returning to the match, there was an episode to which Bayern wanted to give a clear and decisive response, namely the racist insults of the Bavarian fans at Upamecano received on social media after the expulsion received and the penalty caused on The Isaac.

Bayern Munich, the response to insults for Upamecano

An unpleasant situation which not long ago also happened in Italy with Mike Maignan protagonist of racist insults during the match againstUdinese. In this case Upamecano was targeted by his fans on social media and the Bayern with a Tweet he immediately wanted to support his defender: “The racist comments on social media against Dayot Upamecano are absolutely despicable. FC Bayern condemns this in the strongest possible way. Anyone who makes such comments is not a fan of our club. We have your back, Upa!”. The defeat against Lazio in any case it also gave rise to an air of crisis within the club with the many criticisms received by Tuchel in the last weeks…

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