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Raditya Dika and Ariel Tatum’s scene made a scene

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Raditya Dika and Ariel Tatum’s scene made a scene

Jakarta – Raditya Dika’s newest movie, Diary of a Crazy Son-in-law, has change into a sizzling subject amongst netizens on social media. Because there he has an in depth relationship along with his star, Ariel Tatum.

The movie, primarily based on a novel by Rosi L Simamora, created a stir with its one-and-a-half minute trailer. Husband and spouse, Minar (Ariel Tatum) and Sahat (Raditya Dika), rub oil on their household’s previous mattress to cease it squeaking after they exit.

In a number of pictures, varied intimate scenes will be seen between the 2, not solely within the mattress inherited from the household, but additionally within the swimming pool.

Seeing grownup scenes achieved by Raditya Dika is certainly one thing very completely different and by no means proven by her in earlier movies. This then invited humorous feedback from netizens.

“In 40 years, Bang Radit is getting worse,” wrote a netizen.

“Sis Nisaa, have a look at you!!!” Another wrote lamenting Raditya Dika’s spouse, Anissa Aziza.

Scenes from the film Diary of a Crazy Son-in-law. Photo: Doc. Pictures of Soraya

Who would have thought that the curiosity of netizens about Anissa Aziza’s response to her husband’s actions within the teaser was answered by the content material of her Instagram.

“Since the comedy video got here out, folks have been very blissful to ask what I feel. For those that need to know, I’m protected guys,” mentioned Anissa.

Anissa admitted that she learn the script earlier than Radit and Ariel Tatum appeared on the scene. He usually accompanies jokes on the set.

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“Bang Dika does not sleep within the storage both, however he…,” he joked.

Diary of a Mad Groom was directed by Sunil Soraya, whereas the script was written by Dona Rosamayna. The movie additionally stars Robby Purba, Raline Shah, and Lina Marpaung. The movie is scheduled to hit theaters on August 18.


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