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Ranko Eskobar was the owner of the cafe where he was killed Info

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Ranko Eskobar was the owner of the cafe where he was killed  Info

Ranko Eskobar was killed in a cafe at a gas station in Rušnje when two attackers with guns in their hands broke into his place.

Source: Kurir/Nenad Kostić/MUP.RS

The murder of Nikšić resident Ranko Radošević (54), known as Ranko Eskobar, once again shook the region’s underworld, and according to Kurir Radošević was already developing his business in Belgrade. He was the owner of a car lot in Belgrade where they sold mostly luxury cars, and the cheapest cost 30,000 euros. And as Kurir finds out, Radošević was also the owner of the coffee shop at the gas station where he was killed on March 9.

Ranko Escobar, let’s remind you, was killed in a cafe at a gas station in Rušnje when two assailants with guns in their hands, wearing hoods and surgical masks, entered his place. “With a quick action by the police, the suspects of his murder were arrested. The direct perpetrators were identified as Stefan Z. (28) from Leban and Luka V. (26) from Kraljevo, and as their helpers a minor (17) who was arrested with them in the Štek apartment and a couple from Brčko, Azra Š. (22) and Marko P., otherwise the leader of the Partizan fans in this city of Republika Srpska,” recalls the Kurir source.

According to the source For Rank, the car business was primary. “That car lot was very important to him and a lot was invested in the whole business and the cars he worked with. That’s why every vehicle was above average, with a price that matched the quality. The only way for him to be interested in talking to someone who he doesn’t know were those cars, that’s how he was lured – says the Kurir source.

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By the way, Ranko had several expensive cars of the brands “Audi”, “Brabus”, “Mercedes” and “Land Rover” in front of the cafe where he was killed. “It’s supposed to be you the cars were displayed in the cafe’s parking lot as advertisements“, the interlocutor adds. This is exactly how, let’s recall, the murderers lured Radošević to come to the cafe for a meeting with them.

“They, most likely, talked to him to meet and agree on the purchase of a car, and he chose his cafe as the place, which is a good move from the business side and shows him as a serious man. However, he was not careful and the mercenaries fired seven bullets at him in the middle of the bar he owns.” says the source.

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The customer

The motive for the murder of Ranko Radošević has not been revealed, but the arrested Marko P is being questioned told that the person who ordered this liquidation is the same person who ordered the murder of Luka Žižić in New Belgrade last year. “The alleged motive in both attacks, which were carried out according to the same model, is fear of blood revenge. Radošević and Luka Žižić’s father are both natives of Nikšić. When Luka was killed in April of last year, it was assumed that the principal was afraid that Luka could be guilty of unsettled accounts from the past – recalls the Kurir source and adds:

“The same man also ordered the dismissal of Radošević, who could take revenge for Luka’s murder. The investigation will prove what exactly it is about, but the assumption is that the same man sent Uroš N. to Nikšić with falsified documents to liquidate Luka’s father, Mijo Žižić.


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