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Raphael Wicky released, Joël Magnin takes over | NEWS ARCHIVE | BSC YOUNG BOYS

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The Young Boys and their head coach Raphael Wicky are now going their separate ways: The 46-year-old from Valais was released from his position on Monday morning. The team will be led on an interim basis by U21 coach Joël Magnin until the end of the season.

Christoph Spycher, VR sports delegate, says: “The separation from Raphael Wicky hurts us very much. But after careful consideration, we came to the conclusion that the situation is deadlocked and the team needs fresh energy to be able to take the challenging path back to success.

Sports director Steve von Bergen added: “The team’s performance has not met our expectations for some time. With the recent defeats in the championship and the cup, the hope that the situation in this situation will improve has diminished, although in my opinion we have tried everything to turn things around. Raphael Wicky and I put things together again on Sunday evening and realized that we had different approaches to how we could find our way out of this difficult situation. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Raphael Wicky for the intensive and long, very successful collaboration over the last two years.”

Raphael Wicky says: “I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a YB coach and proud of the successes we have achieved together. I would like to thank everyone who has accompanied and supported me over the last two years, especially the team and the coaching staff as well as the fans who have always stood behind us and ensure that every YB home game is a highlight is. Despite the early separation, I will have very fond memories of my time at YB. I will never forget the emotions we experienced together. I wish the team and the club all the best for the future and keep my fingers crossed that the title will stay in Bern.”

Raphael Wicky, assistant coach Giuseppe Morello, will also be leaving YB with immediate effect.

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U21 coach Joël Magnin will take over as head coach on an interim basis until the end of the season. His assistants will be Zoltan Kadar (currently) and new head of training Gérard Castella. «We are very grateful to Joël Magnin and Gérard Castella for their commitment to the club and their availability for the first team until the summer. After the season they will then return to their previous roles,” says Christoph Spycher.

The BSC Young Boys would like to thank Raphael Wicky and Giuseppe Morello for their tireless efforts. Numerous great successes will be remembered with their names; Above all, of course, winning the championship and the 2023 Cup, the third double in the club’s history, and participating in the Champions League in the current season. The Young Boys wish Raphael Wicky and Giuseppe Morello all the best for their private and professional future.


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