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RB Leipzig loses to Real Madrid after a VAR glitch – even Kroos is stunned

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RB Leipzig loses to Real Madrid after a VAR glitch – even Kroos is stunned
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    In the round of 16 of the Champions League, RB Leipzig lost the first leg against Real Madrid 0-1 despite a strong performance. The ticker to read.

    • RB Leipzig against Real Madrid 0:1
    • Despite a strong performance, RB narrowly lost the first leg; a bad decision heated up tempers
    • The ticker to read.

    Update from February 14th, 9:29 a.m.: RB Leipzig unfortunately lost the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 against Real Madrid on Tuesday evening. The Saxons had already taken the lead after just two minutes, but Sesko’s goal didn’t count because it was supposedly offside. Even after a VAR check, the obvious wrong decision was not reversed. Henrichs is said to have apparently hindered Real’s goalkeeper Lunin.

    “I have no idea what was whistled. It wasn’t offside, it wasn’t a foul. There can’t be much more that can be added, actually nothing at all,” said RB coach Rose Amazon Prime about the VAR glitch of the referee team. Even for Real star Toni Kroos the matter was clear: “He ended up being whistled for offside because he was hindering him. But the goalkeeper never reaches the ball. So it was a goal, I don’t have the arguments.”

    Still, Rose held no grudges. “I’m not angry with the referee. I don’t want to start a debate. Everyone saw that it wasn’t the right decision,” said the coach, who nevertheless appealed to the Bosnian referee Peljto: “If he looks at it again and if he is honest, he will admit a mistake. If he does that, then I’m fine with it. You can make mistakes.”

    RB Leipzig against Real Madrid 0:1 (0:0)

    Gulacsi – Klostermann, Orban, Simakan – Henrichs, Raum, X. Schlager, Dani Olmo, 1 Brahim Diaz (49th minute)

    END: The game is over, Leipzig loses 0-1 to Real Madrid in their own stadium. Despite a good performance and numerous chances, Marco Rose’s team was unable to beat Lunin in the Madrilenian goal. Nothing is lost yet, but it will be very difficult for the Saxons in the second leg.

    90. Minute: The injury time is four minutes.

    87. Minute: The final phase is hectic, both teams bring a lot of emotions into it.

    84. Minute: Lunin again, scratching a Haidara shot from the angle!

    81. Minute: Haidara with the ball and the perfect pass to Sesko. But the striker fails because of Lunin’s strong parry. That could have been the equalizer.

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    79. Minute: Xavi could shoot, but decides to pass into space and his cross spins out of the goal.

    75. Minute: Olmo looks for Sesko, but can’t find him. Shortly afterwards, Rose changes three times. Openda, Olmo and Henrichs leave, Haidara, Elmas and Poulsen come.

    70. Minute: Twenty minutes remain for RB Leipzig to avoid defeat in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16. Real is currently playing this routinely.

    64. Minute: Orban with the big mistake, which is not punished because Rodrigo has set the sight too high and shoots over RB’s body.

    63. Minute: After a Xavi pass, Olmo makes a strong body movement to let his opponent get out, but his shot slips over his foot – a missed opportunity.

    60. Minute: The guests are now taking more and more control and playing down their boots. Things will be difficult for Leipzig now.

    56. Minute: Leipzig is not impressed by the deficit and continues to play forward. Defensively, Marco Rose’s team has to be careful, a 0-2 defeat would certainly be the preliminary decision.

    51. Minute: Olmo with a great chance to equalize! Henrichs plays him outstandingly freely, but the Spaniard finishes far too centrally. There was more to it.

    Real Madrid takes the lead against RB Leipzig

    49th minute: Real Madrid takes the lead! Brahim Diaz fights for the ball himself and heads towards the goal. Orban and Schlager cannot stop the offensive player who flicks the ball into the corner. Dream goal!

    46. Minute: Let’s continue with the second half.

    Halftime: A very entertaining first half comes to an end. RB Leipzig got into the game well and stressed Real Madrid. A goal from Sesko was disallowed and other opportunities remained unused. So it goes into the locker rooms goalless.

    42. Minute: Tchouameni is able to steal the ball from Sesko’s foot at the last moment, otherwise the attacker would have been free through.

    35. Minute: The game is completely open, but the big chances like in the opening phase haven’t been there for a long time.

    29. Minute: Xavi runs into a ball and is then roughly cleared by Carvajal. There is no free kick and the Spaniard complains to the Leipzig player that it simply took off. But the slow motion clearly shows foul play.

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    28. Minute: Real is becoming more active and keeps showing up in front of the Leipzig box. In this phase, the hosts are mainly waiting for counterattacks via the fast Xavi, Olmo and Openda.

    25. Minute: It’s a good game here in the Leipzig Red Bull Arena. The hosts have been more dangerous so far and Sesko in particular has already taken the lead several times.

    20. Minute: Xavi loses the ball to Kroos, who goes straight for it, but Gulacsi saves safely.

    16. Minute: After winning the ball in the opponent’s half, it is Henrichs who simply shoots from 20 meters, but his shot is too central to be dangerous.

    RB Leipzig meets Real Madrid. © IMAGO/Sven Sonntag

    15. Minute: Leipzig sticks with it and wants the lead. Madrid tends to wait and let the Saxons have the ball.

    10. Minute: On the other side, Sesko is wonderfully cleared and finishes from 13 meters, but Lunin is able to parry the central shot.

    9. Minute: After a corner, Madrid has its first chance. But Camavinga doesn’t get any pressure behind the ball and doesn’t pose any major problems for Gulacsi.

    6. Minute: Leipzig sets a decent pace and pushes the guests into their own half. Head coach Marco Rose’s team got off to a strong start.

    RB Leipzig against Real Madrid: Early goal doesn’t count

    2. Minute: First corner for the hosts and suddenly the ball is in the goal! The cheers only last for a short time because the assistant referee’s flag is up. Goalscorer Sesko is said to have been offside.

    1. Minute: Kick-off in Leipzig, the first leg of the round of 16 of the Champions League is underway.

    Update from February 13th, 8:29 p.m: Jude Bellingham hasn’t managed to get fit and is out for the game at RB Leipzig. But even without their superstar, Real Madrid are big favorites in the round of 16 of the Champions League.

    First report: Leipzig – RB Leipzig has a difficult task to overcome in the round of 16 of the Champions League, as it faces Real Madrid. “We are looking forward to the task in our stadium. We worked for this all last season. We’re talking about Real Madrid, one of the strongest teams in Europe. They have developed outstandingly over the year. They are in exceptional shape in all areas,” said RB head coach Marco Rose at the press conference.

    RB Leipzig meets Real Madrid

    “Real plays very flexibly and a lot on the wings. I’m also particularly impressed that they do every meter against the ball and are willing to defend together in a compact manner. Madrid is a team that knows how to win the Champions League. But we also have great footballers in our ranks. We will give everything and look for our chances with the ball. We want to counter this and are certainly not afraid,” the coach continued.

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    For RB Leipzig, the first leg is about getting a good starting position so that progress in the second leg is still realistic. But it won’t be easy against the Spanish top team, who are big favorites.

    Jude Bellingham could be out at Real Madrid, but Marco Rose doesn’t believe that yet: “I only think he’ll be out when he’s not in the stadium. I know him and know that he will do everything to play a Champions League game.”

    RB Leipzig is hoping for a surprise in the round of 16 of the Champions League

    The Leipzig coach only has words of praise for the former BVB player. “I think he is at the right club and has taken the right step. It doesn’t surprise me that it turned out the way it did. The fact that he scored so many goals came as a bit of a surprise. I had him for a year. He’s a great boy and a great footballer with an incredible mentality. Now he has taken further steps forward.”

    View photo series

    There is great hope for a surprise against the Spanish top team in Leipzig. “We will stay strong and try to choose our approach. We have to defend well in all areas and be compact overall. We will certainly also have options for switching. And we have to try with the ball to have phases of the game in which we keep them busy,” says Rose, announcing the route. (smr)

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