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Regime annihilates another fifteen NGOs

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Regime annihilates another fifteen NGOs

The Daniel Ortega regime has taken action against several non-profit organizations in Nicaragua, ordering the Ministry of the Interior to cancel eight of them for “non-compliance with the laws that regulate them” and seven for “voluntary dissolution.”

The cancellations were made under Ministerial Agreement 12-2024-OSFL, as reported by La Gaceta, the official newspaper. According to the publication, the organizations failed to fulfill their obligations, including not submitting financial statements for periods ranging between one and 26 years.

Among the organizations canceled for non-compliance are the Foundation of the Superior Council of Private Enterprise (FUNCOSEP), Chinandega Farmers Association (ADACH), and the Nicaraguan Development Foundation (FUNDE), among others.

Additionally, several organizations requested voluntary dissolution, including the Nicaraguan Academy of Genealogical Sciences Association and the Association Evangelical Church “House of His Glory.”

This latest round of cancellations adds to the 57 organizations already dissolved or canceled in 2024. The move has sparked concerns about the increasing restrictions on civil society organizations in Nicaragua under the Ortega regime.

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