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release of hostages in Gaza, deaths, news and more

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release of hostages in Gaza, deaths, news and more

The father of an American-Israeli hostage held in Gaza is expressing hope that her release will occur before the truce ends. Liat Beinin was expected to be among the 50 hostages Hamas released over the initial four-day truce, but as of Monday, she remains in captivity. Yehuda Beinin, her father, told CNN that while he is disappointed, he remains optimistic and hopeful for her release in the next two days.

Under the expanded truce, Hamas plans to release 10 hostages each day, raising the possibility that Beinin could be freed on Tuesday or Wednesday. Yehuda expressed concern for his daughter’s husband, Aviv, who was reportedly injured during the attack. He and his wife suspect that other groups in Gaza, not fully controlled by Hamas, may be holding their daughter or her husband.

Despite the lack of information, Yehuda remains hopeful. “We have no choice but to stay, other than to maintain hope,” he said. “I have no specific information about who is holding our daughter or Aviv. It seems like a reasonable conclusion given the course of events so far.”

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