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Remo wins the Trem-AP in Baenão and qualifies in the Copa Verde • DOL

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Remo wins the Trem-AP in Baenão and qualifies in the Copa Verde • DOL

Felipinho scored his first goal with the blue shirt. | Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

Clube do Remo beat Trem-AP by a score of 3 to 1, on Wednesday night (7), at the Baenão Stadium, in Belém, in the round of 16 of the Copa Verde and guaranteed classification in the next phase. Felipinho, Ribamar and Kanu scored for Leão and Daniel Felipe scored for the visitors.

The match marked the debut of coach Gustavo Morínigo as Azulino coach. With the result, Filho da Glória e do Triunfo will face Amazonas in the quarterfinals. Onça Pintada beat Capital-TO 4-1.

📷 Vitória brings a little peace to the environment. |Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

First time:

  • The game started and there wasn’t even time for the teams to study each other. Felipinho received the ball on the right, went up, cut to the middle, saw that the marking didn’t reach and shot low from the edge of the area into the goalkeeper’s corner to open the score at Baenão after just six minutes.

Watch Felipinho’s goal. Remo TV

  • Remo had possession of the ball, but didn’t speed up the game. Gustavo Morínigo gave face to the team and released the ball with three players, freeing the full-backs to become wingers. Midfielder Henrique was the one who went down and was between the defenders.
  • But not everything was rosy. Defender Ícaro and midfielder Marco Antônio suffered injuries and Morínigo was forced to change twice after just 27 minutes of play. In the game, Remo continued to dominate and look for space.
  • In the 31st minute, Felipinho left Echaporã facing Vitor Luiz, but the Azul forward stopped at the rival goalkeeper and wasted a great chance to increase the score. The game was slow. Trem had a lot of difficulties getting out and setting up plays and Remo made mistakes when making decisions.
  • Despite everything, football is a box of surprises. Tacio received it in the middle and tried it from afar. The ball came out strong, low, and Marcelo Rangel jumped into the corner to make a beautiful and great save.
  • At 43, a move that no one understood. Aleílson beat Reniê, spun and dribbled past Marcelo Rangel and, with the goal practically free, tried to pull to the right and was knocked down. The attacker asked for a penalty, but the referee ordered it to continue. No one else changed the score and Leão went into the locker room with an advantage.
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📷 |Kaio Rodrigues

Second time:

  • Just a minute into the game, Echaporã received a low cross from Thalys and, free on the penalty spot, shot wide and wasted another chance. At 8 minutes, the referee awarded a penalty for Trem-AP. From the kick, in the 10th minute, Daniel Felipe tied everything for Baenão.
  • During the celebration, close to the fans, objects were thrown onto the field, which could result in punishment for Leão Azul. However, in the next minute, Ribamar scored his first goal with the Clube do Remo shirt, after a beautiful counterattack led by Felipinho.
  • The goals improved the match, which was open and both teams started to attack each other. Needing the result, Locomotiva was already looking to spend more time in the attack and the Azulinos tried to take advantage of the spaces to attack at speed.
  • The visitors seemed to feel the final stretch of the match and were able to create little. Remo continued trying for the third goal to get rid of any danger of a draw in the final minutes, however, they made mistakes in the conclusions of the plays. Marcelo Rangel performed a miracle in the 48th minute and Kanu declared the blue classification in the 50th minute.

Next Game:

Now, Antônio Baena’s Leão turns its attention to Santa Rosa, its opponent in the quarterfinals of the Campeonato Paraense. Even though Macaco-Prego is in charge of the first game, the match will be at Baenão, on Sunday (10), at 4:30 pm.

See more images from the game in photos by Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

  • Image: Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

  • Image: Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

  • Image: Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

  • Image: Wagner Almeida/Diário do Pará

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