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Renewed and promised to adhere to nuclear inspections International report on Iran’s ability to produce nuclear warheads | Iran News

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The International Atomic Energy Agency and Iran agreed to expand the scope of monitoring. The agency promised to take a firm attitude towards Iran’s nuclear activities. At the same time, the New York Times cited an excerpt from an international report on Iran’s ability to produce nuclear warheads.

At a meeting in Vienna, the directors of the International Atomic Energy Agency discussed monitoring Iran’s nuclear activities.

IAEA Director Rafael Grossi asked Iran to immediately clarify the radioactive material found in unauthorized locations.

Grossi promised to adopt a “resolute” attitude towards Iran.

Earlier, Iran agreed to expand the monitoring of certain nuclear activities, which prompted Western powers to abandon the IAEA’s plan to criticize Iran.

last moment

Last weekend, the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Rafael Grossi reached an agreement with Iran at the last minute of the visit, and Iran agreed to the agency’s visit to equipment used to monitor some sensitive activities of Iran’s nuclear program.

Inspectors were able to scan the memory cards two weeks after they were originally scheduled to be replaced.

The United States, France, the United Kingdom, and Germany gave up criticizing the resolution to avoid further escalation with Iran, which would stifle any hope for wider negotiations on the resumption of the nuclear agreement.

(Al Jazeera)

Grossi said the agreement resolved the “most pressing issue” between the agency and Iran.

He explained that there is another worrying issue, that is, Iran has failed to explain the traces of uranium found in several undeclared old sites, and he has not received firm commitments in this regard.

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More than two years ago, the first traces of uranium were found in a location in Tehran that Iran described as a carpet cleaning facility.

Grossi said, “As I said, I need to have a clear dialogue with the new government on this.”

High-level consultation

Grossi plans to meet Mohamed Eslamy, the head of the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization in Vienna next week, and “will visit Tehran in the near future to hold high-level consultations with the Iranian government.”

The goal of the agreement reached over the weekend is to buy time to serve a broader diplomatic effort to enable the United States and Iran to fully comply with the nuclear agreement signed in 2015. Iran’s nuclear activities are restricted by the agreement in exchange for lifting the international sanctions imposed on it.

The New York Times quoted an international report saying that Iran was able to produce enough nuclear fuel for nuclear warheads in less than a month.

International reports show that Iran’s increase of enriched uranium abundance to 60% has had a major impact on its nuclear program.

However, the report shows that, on the other hand, 60% of Iran’s enriched uranium stocks are not enough to make nuclear weapons.


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