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Review Good Morning, Veronica | Last season is brutal as it should be

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Review Good Morning, Veronica |  Last season is brutal as it should be

After delivering two impeccable seasons of a police plot full of twists and turns to the public, the time has come for Netflix to close Good morning, Veronica, series created based on the book of the same name by Raphael Montes (who also writes Suicidal, Secret Dinner) and Ilana Casoy. And, to the delight of fans, the streaming giant got it right again.

With Tainá Muller as the protagonist, the work followed a civil police clerk embarking on a risky investigation to dismantle a gang that kidnapped and impregnated women and then sold their children. The organization had three powerful members who were called by the pseudonyms of Cosme, Damião and Doum.

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In the last episodes, Verônica finally manages to reach Doum, the big boss of the organization, played by Rodrigo Santoro. And it is with clear references to The Handmaid ‘s Tale e Kill Bill, that the new season begins, delivering an even more brutal outcome than what has been shown so far.

With good action scenes, an intense dramatic charge and a latent suspense that permeates all three episodes, the series shows Verônica discovering what was behind this hygienist sect and stopping the last member, thus finally having a good day. Although the plot was right, leaving space for new stories to emerge, the great success was delivering powerful episodes that maintained the level of production from start to finish.

Rodrigo Santoro was right when he said that few episodes would give strength to the plot. All three chapters are intense, with excellent pacing and good twists. It is a fact that the plot twist could have been better constructed throughout the previous seasons, but it is still pleasing.

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Brilliant performances show the strength of Brazil’s audiovisual sector

And since we’re talking about Santoro, it’s necessary to reinforce how much his performance enriched the series. Brilliant when appearing in foreign productions, he only proved that he is good abroad, but infinitely better when acting in his own language. His interpretation is precise, in the exact tone that his character demands and the actor still exudes harmony with the team, something difficult when we talk about someone who entered a story at the end.

The same happens with Maitê Proença. The veteran doesn’t act badly on stage, and delivers bizarre chemistry with Santoro’s character. Their relationship, in fact, is what is most distressing in the new season, in a kind of macabre Oedipus complex.

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Muller and Klara Castanho continue to be the big stars. Totally dedicated to their characters, they don’t miss a beat. Klara oscillates between the fragility of someone who has already suffered a lot of trauma, and the strength of someone who wants to free themselves from their toxic past. Muller continues to exude the strength of the determined detective, although her character makes grotesque mistakes in the new season.

Such flaws are the production’s Achilles’ heel, and make the audience wonder how such an experienced police officer could have made such banal mistakes as trusting a stranger. Forgiving this, you can continue without any major problems, and anyone who has read a book by Raphael Montes will easily identify traces of his writing.

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Gianecchini’s heyday

Talk about good performances in Good morning, Veronica and forgetting to mention Reynaldo Gianecchini’s dedication to the role would be almost a crime. The actor proved, once again, that he is not just a global heartthrob, and played a despicable missionary who abused people’s faith, especially women, to rape them.

He first appears in the second season, with a serious and almost complacent posture; he is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. In the new episodes, however, he is fragile and deranged. His duel with Santoro is the culmination of the plot, and their delivery is so visceral that it brings the audience into the screen.

And it was with this strong team, a text very well adapted for television, impeccable photography, and meticulously rehearsed fights, that the Netflix series became one of the best police productions of recent times. The few flaws and attention to detail made the series win over audiences and critics. Anyone who wants to watch the last season can now play the last three episodes on the streaming giant.

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