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Review of A Killer Paradox: A Serial Killer Black Comedy

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Review of A Killer Paradox: A Serial Killer Black Comedy

Liputan6.com, Yogyakarta – In the first half of 2024, Netflix will release A Killer Paradox, a fresh Korean drama series highlighting the experiences of black comedy, drama, mystery and sometimes horror in different versions.

A Killer Paradox focuses on the story of Lee Tang (Choi Woo Shik), a convenience store worker in South Korea who is attacked by a customer and accidentally kills him while trying to defend himself.

Lee Tang then believed that he would be punished for the murder. He was confused while waiting to be arrested by the police, but apparently behind that, he knew that the person he killed was a famous serial killer, on the other hand all the evidence of Lee Tang’s murder of that man had disappeared.

As the incident continued, Lee Tang accidentally killed another person who was also a bad person. Lee Tang seemed unaware when killing those with black records.

Apart from Lee Tang, the drama A Killer Paradox tells the story of Jang Nan-gam, a detective who is in charge of a murder case and begins to suspect Lee Tang.

However, Lee Tang, who believes that he is protected because of his strange power, continues his activities of killing bad people. The few people he killed after were no longer a coincidence.

A Killer Paradox begins as a black comedy with a simple ironic premise, an honest man accidentally kills a serial killer.

This series is interesting to watch because it often suddenly changes things from comedy to horror. Lee Tang is described as being tortured by the ghosts of his victims, this can be said to be a manifestation of his guilt, as he repeatedly tries to surrender himself to the police, his efforts always fail.

A Killer Paradox is not about revenge or justice. However, Lee Tang is depicted as an honest person, who had no enemies or big cases against him before he became a murderer. Indirectly, Lee Tang killed a serial killer, and became a serial killer himself, but he had other motives than just killing.

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In the middle of the story, Tang is suddenly taken in by a mysterious technological genius, he wants to channel his strange abilities to detect crime, but it still puts him on a dangerous path.

Choi Woo Shik successfully plays the role of the tormented Lee Tang, but he is like a helpless hero who is forced to accept a strange fate. Meanwhile, Son Suk Ku shines as a detective with a sharp comic side.

All eight episodes of A Killer Paradox will be released on Netflix on Friday, February 9, 2024.

Author: Taufiq Syarifudin

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