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Review of Liam Gallagher and John Squire’s joint album

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Review of Liam Gallagher and John Squire’s joint album

Legend has it that Liam Gallagher decided to start a group after attending a concert by his beloved The Stone Roses in Manchester. So, in a way, the publication of this album signed by the former vocalist of Oasis y John Squire, who was guitarist (and co-composer) of The Stone Roses themselves, would close a circle. In reality, and seen in perspective, it seemed a matter of time before both artists converged around a single project (now definitively established in this homonymous premiere), knowing of that mutual admiration that they have always professed and that, recently, added another episode when Squire shared the stage with the youngest Gallagher on his successful return to Knebworth.

In any case, the synergy derived from bringing together in the studio a key voice for an entire generation and one of the most gifted and personal guitarists in the United Kingdom, could only result in a more than useful product. And, as could also be expected, the result, protected by the non-negotiable preferences of the Mancunians, rejects any type of additional surprise. In this way, they provide us with a balanced mix between the recognizable voice of Liam Gallagher and the marked guitar virtuosity of John Squire. Good caliber weapons, both, that appear without hesitation or dissimulation as the main arguments of each and every one of the ten pieces that make up this joint work.

Some valuable peculiarities put at the service of indie-pop/rock songs with a classic British flavor, which frequently veer towards psychedelic overtones and, once again, point to The Who, The Jam, The Rolling Stones and of course, The Beatles, while rekindling a handful of Britpop laurels. The album opens with the successful “Raise Your Hands”, giving way to the no less effective single “Mars To Liverpool”. Other highlights include “You’re Not The Only One,” the addictive advance single “Just Another Rainbow” – which could well have been part of the only album Squire released with The Seahorseshis post-Roses band–, “Love You Forever” or the bluesy “I’m A Wheel,” in a work that closes with the mysticism of George Harrison de “Mother Nature’s Song”.

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“Liam Gallagher & John Squire” It is a decalogue with a majority of good songs that are enjoyed with a smile, but that do not reach the excellence that the authors’ CV could suggest. A collection that, in any case, will be satisfactory for followers of both, as well as those mother groups with which they made history. Meanwhile, the shadows of Noel Gallagher e Ian Brown They lurk and prove that each other’s success was the result of a mixed chemistry that no one has been able to refocus at the same level in any of their other projects. That includes solo albums from each of the four, Beady Eyethose mentioned The Seahorses and, also, the present debut.

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