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Review of the album “Balla la mazurca!” by Guillem Gisbert

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Review of the album “Balla la mazurca!”  by Guillem Gisbert

Pop is impatient. A frustrated, grumpy father on the sidelines at his son’s soccer practice. He usually asks for immediate results. Even more so, when something has marked points in our biography with as much virulence as the Catalan group did. manel. Even more so, when what happens to them seems like it is, but it is not. There is only one trick to make all of this satisfy; Come closer, I say it softly, to you, I whisper in your ear: listen, calm down. For once, don’t rush a song.

Because everything you liked about the Barcelona quartet, or at least about the Barcelona quartet’s latest albums, is still in “Balla la masurca!”the first work of Guillem Gisbert, who was their singer, without his companions. There is a musical variety that goes from free jazz to Italian canzone. They sign the songs to the production no less than Angel Ferreira (Sen Senraex News Carminha), Jordi Casadesús (Day to Him) y Jake Aron (Snail Mail), The Fire Extinguisher (Marcel Bagés and David Soler) o At the Ludwig Band. And it’s not a pastiche. It is surgery in production so that everything connects (and of which one does not even want to imagine the trick).

Yes, it is an album of excesses. That stuns at first. Many things. Just start with that personification, reference to Jacint Verdaguer (“Canigó”), from “Les dues torres”. But she comes back here, close to the ear again: you don’t have to wait long to find delights. “Cantiga de la Montse”, “Un home realitzat” or “Miracle a les Planes”. Very surely, three of the best stories that he has told, the one who now and here signs alone, Guillem Gisbert. No, they are not “Benvolgut”. They don’t have to be. His pen has gone to other places. More meticulous, demanding, conscientious. More loaded? Yes, but also with more thread to pull.

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In the eleven stories that make up the return of the hitherto singer of manel nostalgia, the magic of artistic pirouette, melancholy and – of course – love are worked on, but with the story ahead. Because Guillem Gisbert It could have been whatever he wanted in this pause. Writer, poet, what do I know. But he decided to continue with his profession, that of singer-songwriter, one that fell from the sky almost at thirty but that, as always when something works, between fortune and work, has turned out to be his fate.

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