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Rhineland-Palatinate: Criticism of politics and church in “Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs”

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Rhineland-Palatinate: Criticism of politics and church in “Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs”

As of: February 10, 2024 1:15 p.m

Farewells, reunions and getting to know each other: There was a lot on offer at this year’s television session “Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs”. As always, politics, but also the Catholic Church, had to take a lot. An overview.

For the Mainz meeting classic “Mainz remains Mainz, as it sings and laughs”, ZDF, together with the presidents of the MCV, MCC, GCV and KCK clubs, put together a program that presented well-known symbolic figures and Mainz originals as well as newcomers.

On Friday evening, the carnival meeting was broadcast live from the Electoral Palace in Mainz – for the meeting president and head altar boy Andreas Schmitt, it was a more than successful meeting: “For me, it was one of the most atmospheric and beautiful events, a great atmosphere from start to finish. And I “I’m always an advocate of the statement ‘It’s an overall concept’: We’re not a single street. If someone really didn’t arrive, that would be sad for the entire program. But the audience was blown right to the end.”

No federal celebrities came to Carnival

There was something to experience for almost four hours: “Normally, politicians in particular get a lot of fun and then have to grin pleasantly into the camera, but this year it was a little different,” reports SWR reporter Stefan Schmelzer. Nobody from the federal government dared to come to Mainz – perhaps out of fear of criticism? “Well, they’re busy too, I would say, and maybe they’ve simply made the choice not to come to carnival today,” said Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD), seeking an explanation. But no one should be afraid of Carnival: “You also have to be able to laugh along with it.” The former mayor of Mainz and current Rhineland-Palatinate Interior Minister, Michael Ebling (SPD), finds clearer words: “I usually experience Berlin as not very swaying, not very happy, and I have never discovered wine there either.”

“I thought it was great, it was a wonderful carnival session,” said Wiesbaden’s mayor Gert-Uwe Mende – and was surprised that his city suffered so little, but at the same time noted: “To be honest, who doesn’t want a little fun at their own expense “He’s not in good hands here either, that’s part of it.”

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Economics Minister Daniela Schmitt, on the other hand, had to accept criticism on behalf of Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (both FDP). The Catholic Church was sharply criticized by senior altar boy Andreas Schmitt: He discussed the sexual abuse of children by priests, religious and educators in the church environment. “He said what he thinks and what obviously, you can tell from the reaction, many people also share,” said Mainz Archbishop Peter Kohlgraf in the article. “I don’t want to comment on whether that corresponds to reality, but that’s what’s smoldering in the background.”

The nice thing about Carnival is that you can say what you think – so the head altar boy doesn’t have to expect dismissal. Next year, SWR will broadcast the meeting again.

The review: This is what the fools and fools could look forward to in 2024

The farewell: reporter Erhard Grom

The political speeches this year were from Head of Protocol, Erhard Grom, opened. With that he said goodbye to his audience; it was the last appearance of the mainstay of “Mainz remains Mainz”.

The reunion: President of the meeting Andreas Schmitt as head altar boy, Florian Sitte as Till

After a two-year break from television, she got in touch Chairman of the meeting Andreas Schmitt as senior altar boy from Mainz Cathedral back. In his signature role, he appeared as the final speaker and really heated up the politicians and the Catholic Church. With Florian Sitte and his premiere as Till another symbolic figure returned to the foolish TV stage to hold a mirror up to politics.

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The new ones: Thomas Becker and Peter Gottron as men in the moon

Thomas Becker presented himself as a political speaker for the first time in this campaign. As Man in the Moon he went with Peter Gottron, a newcomer to “Mainz remains Mainz”, on a foolish journey to the moon. The two looked humorously at world events and big politics.

The classics: Jürgen Wiesman as Ernst Lustig and Alexander Leber as the Meenz police officer

“The typical Mainz mix includes, in addition to the political and literary carnival, the real Meenzer Kokolores,” said ZDF. These included: Jürgen Wiesmann alias “Ernst Lustig” and Alexander Leber as a Meenz police officer. But also Marcus Schwalbach as a hilarious guardsman told about his experiences in the fifth season. The duo Martin Heininger and Christian Schier As the founder of an artificial intelligence company, he answered bizarre questions late at night.

The musicians and dancers: DobbelBock, MCC Till Ballet and Handkäs und sei Mussig

Markus Schönbergalso a debutant on “Mainz remains Mainz”, had quickly composed “O Schorsch is des schee” from the classic “O Champs-Élysées”. Double Bock performed the current campaign hit “Ohne Dich” on stage. The brothers Matthias and Andreas Bockius were there Guard ballet of the Fusilier-Garde accompanied. Danced Carnival also presented this “To-Ballet” des MCC. There was new music from the band “Handcheese and be lazy”. Thomas Neger and the HUMBAS celebrated 60 years of “Humba ätärä” and sang their anthem “In the Shadow of the Cathedral”. They did the opening Schnorreswackler and with the Mainz court singers Traditionally, it went to the finale of the television session.

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Who was missing: Lars Reichow

Wasn’t there this year Lars Reichow. In response to a request from SWR, ZDF explained how the decision came about. A spokesman said: “There was a larger selection of political lectures this year, all of which deserved it. Erhard Grom with his last protocol, the new Till, the political premiere of Thomas Becker with Peter Gottron and a really strong Moguntia ultimately came out on top.”

Broadcast on Friday, February 9, 2024, 7:30 p.m., SWR Aktuell Rhineland-Palatinate, SWR RP

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