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Riccardo Zara book covers on The King’s Knights

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Riccardo Zara book covers on The King’s Knights

We present the definitive cover and IV of the autobiographical essay by Maestro RICCARDO ZARA, founder of “I Cavalieri del Re” for your information use. The title of the essay is “THE KNIGHTS OF THE KING – THE TRUE STORY”

The Maestro will be at the Nippon Shock Edizioni stand at ROMICS on Saturday 6 April and partially on Sunday 7 April, the day on which he will receive the GOLDEN ROMICS.

Blank vertical softcover book template with spreading pages standing on white surface Perspective view. Vector illustration.

The Maestro will sign copies of his book “THE KNIGHTS OF THE KING – THE TRUE STORY”, 650 pages which narrate, with his heartfelt and exciting words, the fantastic adventure of this legendary musical group, which has signed immortal acronyms from the beginning of the 80s.

«Writing these pages, even if at times it caused me suffering, was a liberation for me, which in one way or another I hope will not prove useless, but can remain over time as an authentic and sincere testimony of our exceptional, lucky, even if sometimes painful, always fantastic and compelling story. The adventure with The King’s Knights, with all its dark background, was without a doubt a fantastic experience, which unexpectedly for all of us CoR has continued to this day. An adventure that I would never have… we could have imagined when it began.” From the introduction by Maestro Riccardo Zara

The substantial book, of 670 pages, will be sold at the price of €29.90 and also contains sixteen pages of color photos, partly unpublished, which testify to the history of the musical group.

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It’s a Nippon Shock Edizioni initiative.

Maestro Riccardo Zara’s book entitled “THE KNIGHTS OF THE KING – THE TRUE HISTORY” can already be pre-ordered via the shop on our website at the following link:

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