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Riccardo Zara, Golden Romics of the XXXII edition

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Riccardo Zara, Golden Romics of the XXXII edition

Leader of the musical group The Knights of the King, an extraordinary career dotted with the great successes of the unforgettable television theme songs: from The Tiger Man to Lady Oscar, from Devilman to Yattaman

Riccardo Zara, singer, musician, composer and lyricist, will be celebrated with the awarding of the Golden Romics during the XXXII edition of the Festival, scheduled from 4 to 7 April 2024 at Fiera Roma.

The leader and author of the songs of the musical group The King’s Knightsspecialized in television cartoon theme tunes, has made several generations dream and sing with its extraordinary repertoire, which over time has become an integral part of the heritage of Italian pop music.

Zara recorded her first television theme song for Cetra in 1977: Also TinTin, theme song for the TV series of the same name. In addition to the creation of TV theme songs, he has worked alongside the singer-songwriter Bruno Lauzi for years, with whom he also composed the song The Brazilian hen for the 45th Zecchino d’Oro, but he has also produced records for the Duck Records label and created soundtracks for cinema. Some of his songs have finally become evergreen of Italian music such as Journey of a poeta, performed and brought to success by Dik Dik.

In the world of television theme songs he represented a watershed of fundamental importance, as the first singer-songwriter of this musical genre. The group he founded The King’s Knightsestablished itself in the national collective memory with songs written (lyrics, music and arrangement) by Zara himself, who was often also the solo performer.

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It gave birth to titles that are still beloved today such as The sword of King Arthur, Lady Oscar, The Tiger Man, Devilman, The magic mirror, Ransie the witch, Gigi the spinning top e Yattaman.

During the XXXII edition of Romics, Riccardo Zara he will be the protagonist of a great special event that will retrace the fundamental stages of his artistic career.

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