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Right ahead in Spain but Sanchez believes in comeback – News

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Right ahead in Spain but Sanchez believes in comeback – News

Spain, barring a sensational surprise, is preparing to veer to the right. 225 accredited journalists, 110 of whom are non-Spanish, will be covering election night at the Popular Party headquarters in Calle Genova, in central Madrid, for 131 newspapers, 72 national and 59 foreign. The numbers released by the PP’s Twitter account make it clear that Alberto Nunez Feijoò’s party is now convinced that it is one step away from its goal. But to get to Moncloa it won’t be enough to be first in the elections: if he wants to become prime minister, the former governor of Galicia will most likely have to find an agreement with Vox, an objective that at the moment is not expected to be the easiest. On the other hand, Pedro Sanchez’s PSOE won’t give up. Over the last few days, despite the lack of statistical evidence, Faijòo seems to have stumbled upon a few too many gaffes, and this has strongly mobilized the socialist base, convinced they can hit a last-minute remontada that would be incredible. According to El Pais, “the PSOE and Sumar ended the campaign in a state of unthinkable euphoria a week ago, while the PP seems to have relaxed its triumphalism”. At this point however, what was said or done is now behind us. After the last effort of the closing rallies on Friday, all the protagonists today finally spent a few hours with family or friends at the end of an electoral tour de force, under a torrid heat, which lasted several weeks. And they told it through social media. The outgoing premier allowed himself a bike ride in the mountains, together with his wife: “Nature, sport and the best company”, he wrote on Twitter, attaching a video in which he first kisses his wife and then climbs up a narrow path with his mountain bike, as if to convey the message of being absolutely in the saddle and running. His main opponent, the popular Alberto Núñez Feijóo, instead spent this election eve in La Coruña, in his native Galicia, after attending the last official event of his campaign there. Here he posted a photo of him buying his daughter a toy.

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The leader of the alternative left-wing coalition Sumar, Yolanda Díaz, instead spent the day in Madrid in the company of friends and announced that she had gone to the cinema to see the film ‘Barbie’. A purely family day also for the number one of Vox, Santiago Abascal. However, everything is ready for tomorrow. The polling stations will be open from 9 to 20 and 37.4 million citizens are called to the polls, of which over 2.3 million are resident abroad. There are 1.6 million young people who will vote for the first time, while 2.5 million have already done so by mail. The polling operations will be managed by 180,000 polling chairmen and tellers, while another 360,000 people have been pre-alerted as possible substitutes. At 20 the first exits will be known, the result of polls taken immediately before the vote, numbers that in the past have often been confirmed by official data. The latter will be broadcast starting at 21, because in the Canary Islands the time to vote will be the same, but there is an hour of time difference there, so the polls will close an hour later. Spain, and beyond, is waiting with bated breath to know how it will end.

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