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Risotto with Moena stinker and strong pomegranate, acidic and sweet like love.

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Risotto with Moena stinker and strong pomegranate, acidic and sweet like love.

I talk a lot with people, I love listening to parts of life that are given to me through words and I firmly believe that nothing is ever by chance and I always try to treasure it.

I try to be courteous and smiling, on the other hand Andrea once told me

“mom you are very kind”

and if my son says so how can you not believe him?!!

A few weeks ago, in front of the coffee machine in the clinic, the representative told me that it was his anniversary and in his eyes I saw the same light that illuminated them a year earlier when, in an agitated state, he asked me for an electrocardiogram because from the emotion he thought he had something wrong with his heart.

That something was love mixed with fear, because when you really love fear, uncertainties peep out, contrary to what you think, love not only brings light-heartedness, love brings insecurity but if these fears are dispelled then joy is certain and so much that it fills your heart so much that you can believe that those strange beats are a disease.

Yes, love is a disease, the most beautiful disease there is.

He wanted to give tulips to his wife and so I recommended a good florist to him and to thank me he said he would bring me a piece of stinker from Moena where he would go to celebrate his anniversary.

Well, it really did. People often amaze me with unexpected gestures, perhaps simple and banal for many, but full of affection and value.

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I wanted to give this piece of cheese with a strong and decisive flavor the right match, the sweetish sour red of pomegranate juice, I was inspired by a recipe which is close to my heart for so many reasons, making it simpler but certainly no less good.

White and red, purity and passion.

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Ingredients for two people:

a shallot

vegetable broth

three handfuls of rice per head plus one for the pot

White wine


the juice of a pomegranate plus a few grains


Brown the shallot in the oil and a small piece of butter, toast the rice until it sizzles and then add some white wine.

When the wine has evaporated, add the broth a little at a time until a few minutes after cooking.

Turn off and stir in the stinker and add the pomegranate juice.

Leave to rest for a few minutes and serve with a few scattered pomegranate seeds and a sprinkling of pepper.

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