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Rk Borac Rk Herzegovina |  Sport

Borca m:tel handball players defeated Herzegovina in the match of the 22nd round of the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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The red and blue team from Banjaluka are not playing this season as expected by the fans and the modest 10th place in the table certainly does not correspond to the reputation of the club, so in Saturday’s match with the team from Nevesinj they found themselves under the imperative of victory, which they achieved in a dramatic finale when a goal from seven captain Miloš Nježić scored after the 60th minute.

BORAC – HERZEGOVINA 28:27 (14:11)

Borac m:tel opened the game excellently with a 3:0 series, and Vojislav Čabrilo scored the first goal for Herzegovina only after six minutes, which managed to reduce the deficit to a goal minus (5:4) by the 10th minute and had an attack to equalize. .

However, the visitors got tangled up in front of a cheerful Berin Brkić, but at that moment the red and blue team was not able to attack, so Banja Luka’s coach Mirko Mikić reacted with a minute of rest.

Luka Knežević then hit the net of the team from Nevesinje, and then Filip Stojanović for another three points (7:4) in the middle of the first half.

Thanks to Brkić, but also to the excellent Milenko Rožić, the people of Banja Luka maintained a “plus three” until five minutes before going to the halftime break (11:8).

The home team had a chance for a “plus four”, but the goalkeeper of the guests was brilliant and thanks to his defenses, Herzegovina reduced it to minus one again, and in the finish, Borac m:tel added gas again and regained the three-goal lead (13:10). .

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In the last 30 seconds of the first half, after the timeout of Herzegovina coach Amar Čavčić, the guests managed to score a goal, but with a goal by Nikola Ivanović in the last moments, the score was 14:11.

In the second half, Borca m:tel handball players continued to maintain the difference, there were constantly three or four extra goals until the middle of the second half, when the guests managed to equalize, the first in the match (20:20).

The home team’s performance stopped and the “black minutes” helped the Herzegovinian handball players turn around, who gained a two-goal lead for the first time in the 52nd minute (22:24).

Banja Luka coach Mirko Mikić responded with a minute’s rest, Slađan Subotić recorded the first save, and Ognjen Kalamanda secured a new tie (24:24).

Subotić then saved Dželilović’s seven-pointer, and Vlado Draghanić gave the advantage to Borc m:tel after a long time (25:24).
It was then played goal after goal until the very finish when real drama ensued.

With the fifth goal, Nježić gave Borac the advantage (27:26) 30 seconds before the end, and in the next attack, Dželilović equalized again with the seventh goal.

Five seconds before the end, Herzegovina player Sava Ražnatović was shown a straight red card for a foul, and then Nikša Petrović missed a “zicer” for what seemed to be a draw. However, the referees pointed to the seven-pointer due to the defense from the area, and captain Miloš Nježić took responsibility and scored for the victory – 28:27.

Miloš Nježić and Milenko ROžić with six goals each were the most effective in the Banja Luka team, while Edin Dželilović led the way for the guests with more goals, but the first name of the match was Herzegovina goalkeeper Riad Polić with 17 saves. Borca goalkeeper Berin Brkić collected 10 saves.

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