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Roba Estesa and Antònia Font join forces in “AMB CALMA”

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Roba Estesa and Antònia Font join forces in “AMB CALMA”

“AMB CALMA” is the latest preview of the Tarraconenses’ upcoming album Rob Estesafor which they have collaborated with the Mallorcans Antonia Font. The album “Of the best, the best” is published tomorrow February 29

Rob Estesa has the collaboration of one of the most notable indie groups on the Catalan-Balearic scene, Antonia Font, for their new song “AMB CALMA”. This is the latest preview of the fourth album by Camp de Tarragona, “Of the best, the best”produced by Arnau Figueras and by the members of the band themselves. It was originally born as a result of the mid-life crisis (which they are currently suffering) and the contradictions that this life stage entails.

“AMB CALMA” highlights the problems of this crisis, closely linked to a complicated work situation and a globalized world where it is difficult to make one’s way. The video clip, the work of Carlota Meya y Julia Oliverwith choreography by Nora Baylachis a portrait of how to go through everyday life knowing that everything is good and bad at the same time.

It intends to deliver this speech through the protagonist, a character who, while the scenario changes (a permanent move, a perennial instability), shows herself to be unconditionally resilient. In the end, she manages to muster enough energy to celebrate the small details of her life: buying a green plant or fighting against a precarious boiler.

“Of the best, the best” It will be released tomorrow February 29. It is an album that invites you to find beauty in the small details, by self-criticizing the moment you are experiencing. We will see at Rob Estesa more eclectic, since with this album they celebrate ten years on stage.

The group will present it in Barcelona the next May 21 at the Apolo Room within the programming of Festival Cruïlla Spring. Also in Gironahe April 12thwithin the framework of Strenes Festival.

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