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Robots in South Korean kindergartens to prepare children for the future that awaits them

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In kindergartens in South Korea, children can interact with small humanoid robots, which flank the remaining human beings still employed as teachers. But the presence of robots is what matters: they will help children become familiar with the high-tech future that awaits them, in which interpersonal relationships will reduce, while dependence on machines and artificial intelligence will increase.

The “Alpha Mini” has already arrived in some kindergartens in Seoul, a robot just under 25 centimeters tall that can sing, dance, recite stories and teach self-defense by showing kung fu moves. It was designed to please children: its eyes blink and pupils take the shape of a heart during conversation. It also has a camera on the helmet that takes pictures that are instantly visible on tablets. “In the future, knowing how to manage artificial intelligence and related tools will be very important,” Han Dong-seog, a member of the South Korean government’s Childhood Division, explained to France-Presse. We are convinced that having such an experience in kindergartens will have a lasting effect throughout the youth and future adult life of these children ”.

The robots are being tested in 300 nurseries and the government recommends their use between three and five years. When children, in about twenty years, finish their cycle of studies and enter the world of work, almost all the operations that are carried out by humans today will be carried out by artificial intelligence. Cars will be a very sophisticated robot, able to travel independently, to park and to reach the owner who awaits them under the house by themselves. We will all work on the computer, we will no longer use cash, we will no longer go to the bank, the doctor will no longer come home to visit us. The sooner you enter this new logic of relationships with machines, the better off they think in Korea.

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What about humans? Perhaps it will no longer be necessary to have relations with them, not even for the reproduction of the species. Certainly it will no longer be necessary to see them in presence. Also in South Korea, where there is a lack of English teachers, lessons are already taught by robots connected to people in Australia or England, whose face appears on a small monitor placed on the head of the machine. The great astrophysicist Stephen Hawking feared that artificial intelligence would lead to the extinction of humanity and everything seems to agree with him: if we no longer need others, people will become useless, and we are all part of the people.

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