Home World Rocket man Kim Jong-un retaliated with a tooth in Beijing’s gas dizziness (photo) Winter Olympics | CCP | Crisis | North Korea | Geopolitical disputes | Ge Yushi

Rocket man Kim Jong-un retaliated with a tooth in Beijing’s gas dizziness (photo) Winter Olympics | CCP | Crisis | North Korea | Geopolitical disputes | Ge Yushi

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On February 11, 2021, Kim Jong Un presided over the Central Plenary Session of the Labor Party and angrily criticized economic officials for not thinking about change. (Image source: video screenshot/youtube)

[Watch China News on January 8, 2022](See Chinese reporter Ge Yushi Compilation/Comprehensive Report) Xi Jinping had expectedNorth KoreaSend athletes to the upcomingWinter Olympics. However,Kim Jong-unA letter of condolences has been sent to him now, saying that North Korea will not participate.Despite this orderChinese Communist PartyThe shocking incident is enough to humiliate Beijing, but it is also consideredRocket ManKim Jong-un retaliated.

After North Korea decided not to participate in the Tokyo Olympics, Pyongyang was banned from participating in the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, qualified North Korean athletes can still participate in the competition as individuals. Given the intensified diplomatic boycott of the Beijing Olympics by the United States and its allies, North Korea’s participation could have saved the CCP’s face, but it seems that Kim Jong Un does not want to be seen as an ally of the CCP on the world stage.

Reuters reported on January 7 that in a letter to the CCP, North Korea used “hostile forces” and the pandemic as an excuse to say that it could not participate in the upcoming Winter Olympics in Beijing.

In other words, it is also the Rocketman’s tooth for tooth. The CCP’s history of putting North Korea into trouble during the crisis is hard to forget. In the pandemic last year, North Korea’s fragile medical infrastructure was barely maintained and Beijing’s support was most needed, but China-North Korea trade declined sharply.

In May of last year, North Korea faced a severe food shortage, but Beijing was controlling bilateral trade. Kim Jong-un publicly stated in June last year that North Korea is facing a food shortage. “The food situation of the people is now becoming tense.” North Korea’s imports from China fell by 90% month-on-month in May, leading to increased hunger. According to the Asia Times, the North Korean people hope that the CCP can alleviate their country’s food crisis. However, China has not issued any statement on this, and the North Korean brother is still aside at the critical moment.

Over-reliance on the CCP has brought only disaster and hunger to North Korea. In January last year, Kim Jong-un talked about abolishing communism and implementing reforms to avoid economic crises. He said that only after “breaking the current erroneous ideological views, irresponsible work attitudes, incompetence and outdated working methods” will it be possible to solve North Korea’s economic problems. The Rocket Man’s speech showed that he had a clear intention to break away from traditional communism.

It is not that Kim Jong-un suddenly realized the reality of being abandoned by China a year ago. As early as October 2020, he even began to cry, and at the same time admitted, “Our people have placed a deep trust in me, but I have never been able to get what I want.” The North Korean leader also rarely apologized to his compatriots and said: “I’m really sorry.” The top leader of North Korea regrets his wrong policies over the past five years. He hopes to get help from free world countries such as the United States, South Korea, and Japan to restore the economy that has been damaged by sanctions.

Today, when the CCP’s economic crisis has turned the Beijing regime into a world outcast, Pyongyang, which has disillusioned with China, is also humiliating the CCP without blinking its eyes. It really gave the CCP a living life lesson.

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