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«Rome without money? No, bar approach» – breaking latest news

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«Rome without money?  No, bar approach» – breaking latest news

«When you ask for public money to organize a sporting event you cannot do it with a bar approach. You cannot think that a good presentation that generates popular enthusiasm is enough for the Government to arrive immediately and finance you. If those who wanted the World Athletics Championships in Rome had had an approach that respected the institutions and procedures and had moved in time, we would not have reached this point.” Sports Minister Andrea Abodi rejects the sender’s accusations of not having supported a candidacy for which, using the language of athletics, Italy did not even take to the track: a few hours before the challenge with Beijing for the assignment of the 2027 World Cup, yesterday in Glasgow Fidal withdrew its candidacy “due to the absence of the minimum requirements for participation in the competition”. A well-announced fool: last week Abodi warned President Mei that “in the absence of specific regulatory authorization the formalization of the requested spending commitments is not technically possible”. The World Cup will take place in Beijing, India has a strong candidacy for 2029.

«The government did everything possible – clarifies Abodi – by asking Fidal again last November for a business plan which would have been useful well before, but which only arrived on 24 January. With all the good will it proved impossible to find public guarantees to cover the 85 million euros requested”. The minister then harshly reprimanded the Capitoline sports councilor Alessandro Onorato («His tone is surprising: 100 days before the European Athletics Championships, we are still waiting to hear about Roma Capitale’s contribution to the event») and specified that “a great a sporting event is a source of satisfaction, but presupposes a method that is worthy of the economic commitments that must be undertaken. When it comes to guarantees for tens and tens of millions of euros it is no longer just a sporting issue, but one of business management with caution and evaluations and not approximate and emotional approaches”.

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The clues about the possible failure of the candidacy had already been circulating for some time and were not only linked to the lack of public funding. Two months ago, after a series of warnings from a worried continental federation, Sport & Salute intervened with a soft administration on the organizing committee of the European Championships in Rome next June, well behind schedule: not exactly a good ticket visiting card for an event infinitely less complicated than a World Cup. «In October, November and December – explains Abodi – we were in significant difficulty for the Europeans, in an almost unpresentable condition. We put a patch on it. But how could we think of organizing a World Cup that costs ten times as much without securing what awaits us in June and with Roma Capitale which has not yet defined the economic contribution? It’s nice to go to fashion shows, inaugurations and concerts, but then you can’t make irresponsible statements.”

On the European front, data was also filtered on the very modest presales of those tickets on which World Athletics has very high expectations to leave a legacy on the territory: at the 2017 London event, the last in the old continent, 705 thousand tickets were burned, almost 400 thousand spectators. The last World Cup in Italy (and Rome) will therefore remain those of 1987: there were Carl Lewis and Edwin Moses, Francesco Panetta and Maurizio Damilano. Sports archaeology.

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